Organic Olive Oil

Submitted by Kundun Yoga on December 29, 2012

The history of culinary art is the history of olive oil. Used since antiquity in Greek and Roman societies, olive oil is the bedrock of Mediterranean cuisine. In today's high tension universe, organic olive oil is known to be the healthiest natural oil in preventing heart disease, with minimal calorific concerns.

Organic olive oil is created from pure organically grown olives, and has a richness of flavor and smoothness of texture that is unmatched.


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The Beauty Benefits Of Olive Oil

Most organic olive oils are cold-pressed, meaning they are picked and crushed by large stone rollers - without the use of any mechanical machinery or energy driven devices. The process used is purely traditional in that involves the human hand in its making

Apart from the taste buds, organic olive oil is also a miraculous oil for physical health. Widely used to in skin treatments and as a muscle rejuvenating massage oil, there is no better oil known to condition and pamper your body.

Organic olive oil soap products are wonderful alternatives to those whose schedules do not allow them the time for more involved body care treatments. Olive oil soap products are known to soften skin, and restore and rejuvenate dead skin. It is also a known to smoothen and lessen wrinkling of skin through exposure or ageing. Apart from skin care products, organic olive oil is fast becoming the star ingredient in a range of hair care products. Organic olive oil is rich in fatty acids and oxidizing agents that are essential for healthy hair. Organic olive oil relaxers and shampoos combine the virtues of oiling hair with curative powers when heated and massaged into the scalp for deep conditioning. This is known to stimulate hair growth as well as repair damaged follicles. For those who dye and color their hair, the residual dryness and damage to hair follicles can become an ever-increasing problem that cannot be dealt with effectively through chemical based hair treatments. While organic olive oil hair products work wonders on re-moisturizing dry hair, it provides a long lasting shine and body to fine-medium hair textures as well. Organic olive oil hair products are also known to protect the hair from high heat during blow-drying and curling. Organic olive oil shampoos in daily use provide continuous protection while ensuring that straightened or curled hair stay in shape. Organic olive oil hair products are the answer to return dry damaged hair to their silky and smooth best. And moreover it's all natural.

Organic Greek olive oil comes from Sparta in Greece. It is rich in the freshness and aroma of olives. This is due to the location where it is grown. Olive oils from Southern Peloponnesus are usually stronger than those that come from Northern Peloponnesus. It has low acidity and is one of the best oils Greece offers

Greece also exports much of its olive oil. Italy receives about three quarters of this export. The different olive varieties in Italy are Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo and Pendolino. The oil from these varieties differs in flavor and length of shelf life

Canola oil is often considered the healthiest choice for cooking oil. Organic canola oil is a good option for those who want to cook in a healthy way. It does not change the flavor of foods the way olive oil can. Organic canola is made from canola seeds which are changed from the original rapeseed plant

Organic coconut oil is made from using the non copra or fresh coconut meat. The oil retains the fresh smell and taste of coconuts and has many health benefits

Organic olive oil is a natural hair conditioner which makes your hair more manageable and soft. It is also great for skin care. It can be used for dry skin, bathing, nails, chapped lips and as a moisturizer for face, hands and feet

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