Is it safe to do yoga with enlarged liver?

(January 17, 2013)

The liver does many vital functions in the body including processing and breaking down fat in the body and secreting bile along with breaking down protein for energy. If the liver is enlarged then all these functions are directly impacted. There is no answer to this question and the practice of yoga with an enlarged liver will depend on different factors.

The primary question you will need to answer is how acute is your liver enlargement. If you are comfortable being active and exercising then yes, you can do yoga with an enlarged liver. The practice of yoga does not explicitly forbid any person from any form of exercise but your comfort level is also important.

Though the incidents of liver rupture are rare, if you are uncomfortable, you should avoid doing yoga with an enlarged liver. Enlarged liver is also usually a sign of some other condition and if you have not gotten it checked out, you should.

Some poses like Padangusthasana or the big toe pose, Janu Sirasana or the head to knee forward bend are poses that help a liver’s health. There is even a liver leg lift that helps the health of the spleen and the liver.


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