Yoga as a cure for hangovers

Submitted by shopie on February 27, 2013

If you have been partying out a bit too much and are paying the price the morning after, the one routine which could be good for you is exercise. A light and simple yoga routine the day after your binge may be just as effective as jogging.


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How to cure a hangover with yoga

A yoga routine usually consists of a number of different asanas or yoga poses designed to stimulate and energize various organs and parts of your body. In order to counteract the unpleasant symptoms of a hangover, there are a number of asanas that can help you detoxify and recharge your body back to normalcy.

Specific yoga poses to practice for a hangover

The first step before you start your yoga routine is to rehydrate.

Alcohol affects the body by dehydrating it of essential salts and minerals. Drink a glass or more of water before your yoga routine and drink some more during the day as well. Stay away from carbonated drinks or caffeine though as this will only make the hangover worse. Now try the following yoga sequence to reduce your hangover:

  • Lie on you back and take a few deep and calming breaths.
  • Lift your feet in the air and hold it there for a minute. If you cannot manage this, use a wall as support.
  • Alternatively flex and point your feet to stretch those tired muscles.
  • Pull your knees down to your chest and wrap your arms around them and give yourself a big hug. This is known as the Wind Relieving Pose and helps detoxify the stomach and intestines and encourages cleansing.
  • Other yoga poses that can help reduce the effects of a hangover include Sun Salutations - to increase the heart rate and improve circulation, Twisting Poses - to rid the stomach of all toxins and cleanse the organs and end with a few relaxing or meditative poses to clear the mind and restore the body’s equilibrium.

While there is no scientific evidence to prove that yoga will help eliminate the effects of alcohol, there is a general consensus that what yoga definitely does do is reduce stress and make you feel better. Keep your movements slow and gentle and take regular, measured breaths.

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