Yoga benefits for acidity and constipation

(September 13, 2011)

Can yoga be helpful in acidity & constipation problems? if yes then wat kind of postures or practise shold be made?please aanswer at the earliest

Which Yoga Poses Are Effective In Treating Constipation

Constipation can be permanently cured with the help of yoga. Lifestyle changes like a healthy and a balanced diet along with a good amount of exercise can be really effective. Remember to include a lot of insoluble fiber in your diet by way of whole grains. Drinking plenty of water is also a good way to tackle constipation. Take light meals till you deal with constipation permanently. Yoga also helps it to go away permanently. In yoga, there are some exercises and poses that help get rid of constipation. Simple poses include surya namaskars or sun salutations, pawanmuktasana or the wind pose, t adasana or the tree pose, shalabhasana or the locust pose, paschimotanasana or the head to knee pose, dhanurasana or the bow pose, vajrasana or the diamond pose and bhujangasana or the cobra pose. There are even some complicated poses like sarvangasana or the shoulder stand, maurasana or the peacock pose, halasana or the plough pose and ardha matsyendra or the half spinal twist. In the different pranayama, anulom vilom and bhastrika are very effective in dealing with constipation. The uddiva bandh and the mula bandh are also two important practices of yoga that help deal with constipation.

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Which Yoga Poses Are Effective In Treating Acidity Problem?

Acidity is usually caused by the stomach generating more acids than needed for digestion. Eating well and healthy food is usually the only long term cure for acidity. Eat more roughage and fiber and avoid too many refined foods and stimulants like tea and coffee. Chew food slowly so that you break it down before the food enters the digestive tract. If you suffer from a bad bout of acidity, you can also try yoga as a cure for acidity.

Yoga helps the balance in your body get restored. This helps the digestive system return to normal. There are some poses that especially help out in acidity. Meditation and breathing exercises are very good to increase the flow of oxygen to the organs, including the stomach.

Some of the poses that you can do include

  • virasana or the hero pose
  • adho mukha virasnana or half downward hero’s pose
  • supta badha konasana or the lying cobbler’s pose
  • janu shirasana or the head to knee pose
  • paschimottanasana or the spine stretching pose
  • makarasana or the crab pose.

You can even do surya namaskars or sun salutations in order to get relief from acidity. Regular practice of these poses and breathing exercises like anulom vilom are really beneficial for curing acidity.

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Does Yoga Helps In Reducing Constipation?

Constipation is when you have difficulty passing stools due to digestive issues. This condition can happen for any number of reasons including not eating proper food with enough fiber, stress and tension, excess medication and many other reasons.

There are many asanas or poses in yoga for constipation and to give relief from constipation. Along with yoga, you can also try some natural constipation remedies to feel better quickly. One of the best and most effective natural remedy is increasing your intake of fiber. Fiber includes fruits and raw vegetables and whole grains. These items contain large amounts of insoluble fiber which help constipation. Eating fiber every day gradually can help people deal with constipation on a daily basis. Increasing the amount of fluid you consume can also help deal with constipation. Avoiding carbonated drinks, tea and coffee will also decrease your chances of constipation. Avoiding refined flours is also recommended. Magnesium remedies are known to benefit constipation. Seeds like fenugreek are also very good for constipation. Probiotics are also considered a natural remedy for constipation. Probiotics are good bacteria that can be found yogurt and buttermilk. These bacteria work well in the intestines, preventing constipation. Exercise is also a good natural remedy for constipation.

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Does Yoga Helps In Reducing Acidity

Regular practice of yoga is known to balance out all systems of the body. Therefore yoga is good for acidity too. Acidity and gas form due bad eating habits and bad digestion. Both these habits lead to an accumulation of excess stomach acids. In extreme cases this stomach acid can cause an acid reflux which is also acidity.

There are many home remedies for acidity. Swallowing some baking soda dissolved in warm water helps. Drinking a combination of coriander powder and ginger juice can give some relief from acidity. Waking up and drinking warm water till the acidity is cured is also a good idea. Another home remedy is orange juice with cumin powder and rock salt.

Eating a balanced diet, especially one with fruits and vegetables is good to contain acidity. A salad of watermelon and cucumber can be very cooling for the stomach. Holy basil leaves, muddled and had with water can relieve symptoms of acidity and provide relief. Tender coconut water is also good for the stomach. Two- three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar is also considered a quick remedy. Eating yogurt regularly can protect you from succumbing to acidity as the good bacteria keeps your digestion healthy.

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Yoga poses to cures acidity and constipation  

Yogasanas practiced in order to combat acidity are as follows: Vajrasana, Yogamudras, Bhujangasana, Shalabhasana, Surya Namaskar, Makarasana, Shavasana, Jallundharbandha, Kunjalkriya, Pavanamuktasana, Halasana, Tadasana, Matsyasana, Ardhamatsyendrasana etc. In addition to the asanas and bandhas, correcting one's breathing technique also plays a major role in normalizing digestion issues. These asanas helps to free the uncomfortable gas accumulated in the stomach while also boosting the respiratory system. Pranayama along with deep mediation practiced in yoga greatly benefits those with acidity problems.

To get good results practice the Vajrasana half an hour after consuming either lunch or dinner. Vajrasana helps the digestive process and lessens the occurrence of excessive gas in the alimentary canal and prevents constipation. Vajrasana entirely gets rid of the main cause of acidity.

Doing Pranayama can relax and calm the stomach acids by providing the requisite amount of oxygen to the internal organs. Proper breath control ensures efficient working of the internal organs, especially the stomach. To counter the effects of the burning sensations associated with acidity, Shitali Pranayama, and Shitkari Pranayama are highly effective and can also prevent the occurrence of stomach ulcerations.

In addition to the yogasanas, it is important that you maintain a diet devoid of heavy and rich foods that can prove to be the cause of the uncomfortable conditions.

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