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(July 25, 2008)

By doing pranayama is it possible to reduce creatinine level. Currently, my creatinine level is at 2.09. Please advice!

Before you begin any form of exercise or alternative treatment to improve a renal function, your medical practitioner must be consulted with. It is highly unadvisable to embark on any form of alternative therapy, before undergoing a thorough medical investigation on your condition, and its best your Doctor advises you on the primary course of action to be taken in order to treat creatinine levels. Post-medical examination if the Doctor recommends either yoga or Pranayama as a secondary mode of treatment, then learning from or qualified yoga instructor will help you to establish the basics of yoga. As a novice, do not attempt any form of yogasana in front of the television. However if you are well versed with the practice of yoga, deep breathing techniques aka Pranayama is an ideal therapy for kidney disorders. The essentiality of Prana also known as the breath of an individual is a vital factor in the control of most disorders; this universal fact is well-known and is held in high esteem in the practice of yoga. Breathing is known to be the most prominent of all functions in the body as all kinds of functions movements and developments depend upon it. By correctly modifying the art of breathing with the help of conscious control, can greatly diminish the risk of various disorders. Pranayama is known to address all forms of physical and mental disorders effectively.

In order to rejuvenate your body and enhanced the absorption of oxygen to all the internal organs, adopt a 30 minute session of Pranayama daily. In your daily session of Pranayama, include seven important breathing techniques for the sustenance of good health and healing from the various disorders. The Pranayama techniques include Bhastrika Pranayama, Bahayya kumbhak Pranayama, Anulom- Vilom Pranayama, Kapalbhati Pranayama, Bhramri Pranayama, Brief chanting and Nadi Shodhan. A regular schedule of the above-mentioned breathing exercises will greatly help you to deal with and ease off problems related to the kidneys. Pranayama is also well-known as a prophylactic stave off emerging troubles.

According to a recent study conducted on healthy subjects, the use of Pranayama showed a rapid decline in blood urea, creatinine and tyrosine levels. The decrease attributed to the practice of Kapalbhati which is known as a fast breathing technique in yoga. According to medical analysis, the practice of this breathing technique helped in promoting oxidization mechanisms and decarboxylation that helped in coming and soothing the respiratory systems. A further consequence of the breathing technique resulted in the regulation of creatinine in the body.

Submitted by C D on July 25, 2008 at 05:23

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