Can Yoga increase creatinine level, which is already low?

(May 25, 2012)

Low creatinine levels are linked to health problems such as malnutrition, excessive weight loss, and diminishing muscle mass. The elderly and people with chronic or severe illnesses may also have low creatinine levels. While there is no established link between increasing creatinine levels through yoga, yoga asanas or poses work with the body weight as resistance and build up muscle strength and stamina. Since an increase in muscle mass can improve creatinine levels, yoga may help. There are gentle forms of yoga such as hatha yoga and kripalu yoga that emphasize deep breathing along with asanas that help reduce stress and improve overall health. These forms of yoga may be most beneficial to you.

Yoga can also help with digestion and improve blood circulation in the body. Specific yoga poses may be able to improve the function of the kidneys and liver. Poses such as Half Spinal Twist (Ardh Matsendrasana), Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) and Cat- Cow Pose (Marjarasana) may also help release stress on the organs of the abdomen. If your kidneys are functioning normally, the creatinine levels in your blood remain more or less constant. Before you begin any form of yoga to improve renal functioning or if you have been ill for a while, you must consult with your doctor and trained yoga therapist and perform the asanas under strict supervision.

Submitted by G M on May 25, 2012 at 06:19

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