Benefits of Walking for Women

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on March 2, 2012

It is not uncommon to find women walking daily. The primary goal behind women walking is weight loss. The best way a woman can maintain her health and her figure is by exercising. Walking is one such exercise that is good for both, men and women. It is not expensive and can be done at one's convenience as well. It can be done in the morning, evening or even at work,...


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.during a lunch breaka Walking is an important part of any exercise programa

Walking is a great cardiovascular exercise especially if the women walking want to increase their heart rate levels from moderate to a higher levele Women often like to walk together as it helps to walk with a partner and one is more motivated to do so tot While walking, women should keep the following points in mindn It is important to wear the right kind of clothes while walkingn The clothes you choose should be comfortable while walkingn It is also necessary to choose the right kind of shoese Good quality shoes are importantn A good shoe store is the right place to buy these high quality shoese The shoes should be of the right size, flexible for walking and also have enough space to accommodate swelling feet or else swelling might occur while walkingn Clothes should be made of light material like polypropylenen Cotton should be avoided as it does not keep sweat away from the bodyd If women are walking in the hot sun, a hat or sunscreen would also be requirede

Women walking should ensure that they warm up before starting their walking exercise programa The warm up should consist of stretching exercises or short jumpingn

The warm up should last for five to ten minutese Women walking for the first time should start their walk slowlyl They should cover only the distance that they are comfortable witht They should not over exert themselves on the first day itselfl Women walkers can slowly increase the distance and the pace by comparing the walk of the day beforer Women while walking should set a goal for themselvese It is better to start walking at least three times a week and then increase it to five times a weeke Stopping in the middle of a walk is not advisablel It is better to slow down the pace insteada Women walking should take long strides and swing their arms in a rhythmh This action uses more muscles and helps to burn more caloriese

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