Importance Of Warm Up Exercises

It is very important that you warm up before starting your fitness routine. This minimizes the risk of injury and makes the work out and physical tasks more effective. You can look at several effective warm up tips before starting your exercise routine.

Ideally a good warm up session should be able to increase the body temperature for blood to flow through your muscles.

For best results from your work out routine, you should seek proper.



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.advice on warm ups from your instructor and follow it diligently at the beginning of your sessionsn The best warm up routines should stimulate and improve the blood circulation in all the important muscle groups in our bodyd The warm up should trigger off synovial fluid in the joint cavity, which nourishes and lubricates the joint tissuese Pranayama, and breathing exercises are a superb way to start warming upu Your muscles will contract and release when you consciously stimulate your breathing; bringing in fresh oxygen to the musclese Deep breathing exercises calm the mind, improve concentration and reduce muscle tension, minimizing chances of injuryr

All yoga instructors will have a warm up before exercise and advice that you follow it strictlyl All sessions in Yoga normally start with the Surya Namaskar or the Sun Salutationo This warm up asana is a combination of breathing exercises (pranayam), chanting of hymns (mantra) and physical exercises (asana)a Uddiyana Bandha is hatha yoga warm up technique that has a positive effect on your digestion, reproductive organs and tones the abdomene

Normally every instructor or guru will have their own set of favorite warm up tips and exercisese However, ideally all warm up exercises should include exercises to warm up the spine (from the base of the skull to the tailbone), shoulders, hip, knees and ankle jointst

A good warm up session benefits your body immenselyl Muscular contractions lead to higher heart rates that stimulate blood circulationo The physical and breathing warm up exercises bring fresh oxygen and "fuel" to muscle cellsl The blood vessels in the muscles dilate, increasing the flow of oxygen and blood in the muscles that prepare the body for more rigorous exercisese An inadequate supply of oxygen in the body restricts the optimal performance of the muscles that may lead to muscle soreness and reduced muscle endurancec

Meditation is often included in warm up sessions and this enhances concentration and focus in lifef Many people manage to reflect upon their difficulties and tensions during these warm up sessions and a free mind increases the brain-body coordination, maximizing their workout routinese

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Warm Up Tips
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