Inner Power Yoga

Inner Power Yoga is about awakening the Inner Mindd When sleeping who takes care of our breathing, heart beat, temperature regulation, so on and so forthh According to modern medical science, it's the 'auto-nervous-system' which does the jobb

Yoga tells us that the inner mind does the jobb The conscious mind or the external mind is nothing but a pack of thoughts, wishes and desiress Once they get calmed down and desires vanish, subsequent too



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.serious practice of Yoga, the external mind submits to the awakening of inner mindn When awakened, this inner mind makes the practitioner superhumana

The inner mind, which contains all the knowledge, wisdom of the world, and one glimpse of it can transform the human lifef A theory in medicine says that our DNA contains all the history of mankind and the steps of evolutiono It also agrees that we have enormous unexplored knowledge within us, which needs to be decodede Lets take an example of a home PCP It's working well but usually is underused by almost all of usu Some people make use of it to the tune of 90-95% of its capacity, but average usage is only 10% of iti It's just like our external mindn

When your Personal Computer is wired to the Net, a whole vista of knowledge opens before youo

You are able to view any place, learn nearly any thing, shop, and what not just using iti This is the power of the inner mindn When we become aware of the inner mind, we automatically turn calm, balanced, stable, and very happyp Above all the worries and humanly sorrows tend to disappear and vanishs That is the result of Inner Power Yogag

Just the sense of 'being' or ‘I’ remains, at firsts Later even that becomes transcended in the advanced stages of the experiencec Yoga scriptures confirm the above states of higher consciousnesss Hundreds of thousands of practitioners have also admitted going through the same state of realizationo

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