Spiritual benefits of Yoga

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on December 21, 2012

Yoga has manifold benefits – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. While most people chase the physical and mental and some the emotional benefits of Yoga, there is no denying the fact that the Spiritual benefits of Yoga are the most fulfilling and long lasting. Having once achieved the true spirit of Yoga, one can start to know oneself at leisure. The greatest part of Self Discovery and enjoying one's true Self as is a journey in itself.


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It is a journey into being rather than doing. After that, you can live life-practicing Yoga off the mat.

Pride – and particularly concerns over pride – is something Yoga seeks to lessen or even get rid of, completely.

To those who have been down in the dumps on account of their inability to do their work well when tired, irritable, or haggard, any type of refreshment can go with supplementary degrees of self-respect. In addition, those who have profited from Yoga will definitely be moved to help their relatives and associates in need. They might coach others and, in return get rewarded with appreciation due a to an instructor.

The theory and practice of Yoga result in greater self-knowledge. This is not just that of the practical sort of knowledge concerned with methods and processes. They are specifically of a spiritual nature. They pertain to comprehending something about the nature of the Self itself.

Knowing the Self, as a Being instead of just as a doer or doer, is a real type of knowledge. This generally loses itself in the rush of day-to-day work and force of desires. The best part of discovering One’s Self and taking pleasure in One's Self as One is, instead of dreaming what you are going to be, is in fact a value as well as a special type of knowledge.

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