Importance of Kundalini Yoga Poses

Yogis claim that Kundalini energy is far superior to all others. Which is why, the state of Samadhi attained thereby is considered most perfect.

The degree to which the unveiling of this consciousness is effected, depends upon the meditative power, of the sadhaka and the extent of one’s detachment from the world.

The union thus achieved is claimed to be more complete than that enacted.



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.through other methodsd Even though body-consciousness can be lost through many other techniques, in Kundalini Yoga not only is the body, even the mind is united at the Sahasrara Chakra, in so far as it is represented by its central powere This is also called Spiritual awakeningn Although it is a mystical experience, it is not vague or ambiguousu All spiritual teachings point to some very specific realitiese

The relevance can be seen in our instinctive responses to lifef For example, when we’re feeling good or high, or downcast or low, our expressions reflect these feelingsg

Spiritual awakening simply implies conscious raising of energy in ourselvese How true, that every time we feel great, we feel vibrantn That is energy rising in usu Counter wise when we’re feeling lowo These reactions are external manifestations of inner feelings and experiences, basis our make-upu What yoga does is specify and elaborate on these truths by explaining how outer experiences of joy or sadness are caused by energy movement and how we can influence our feelings by controlling and chanelizing our energies in the right directionsn

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