Kundalini and the Seven Chakras

Chakra literally means wheel or circle in Sanskrit. In a more profound sense it represents the eddies or vortexes of energy situated along the central shaft of the human body, deep within the astral spine, a long, downward trajectory of the subconscious mind.

The chakras are nerve plexes or centers of force and consciousness situated in our inner or subtle bodies. They correspond to the spinal plexuses in the physical body.



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.(ganglia, glands and nerve plexes) from which nerves branch out to provide energy to the different parts of the bodyd They are part of our spiritual anatomym For, just like our physical body has an anatomy and maps to the physical world, likewise, there is an anatomy of our spiritual selves, as well as maps and guideposts on the path of inner awakeningn

The point between the eyebrows, for example is where the mind focuses instinctively in ecstasy or concentrationo You might even have observed people frown or knit their brows when engrossed in thoughth Comprehension of this concept and concentration on that spot results in consciously focusing the mind therer

Psychically, the seven primary chakras can be viewed as colorful, multi-petaled wheels or lotuses, situated along the spinal cord from its base to the braini They are as follows:

1Muladharabase of the spinememory, time, space
2Swadisthanajust below the navelreason
3Manipurasolar plexuswillpower
4Anahatacenter of the heartdirect cognition
5Vishuddhathroatdivine love
6Ajnathird eyedivine sight
7Sahasraracrown of headillumination, Godliness


The first is the Muladhara chakra located at the base of the spine and also called the coccyx centere From this chakra branch out nerves to the lower parts of the body: the legs and anusu

The second chakra is the Swadisthana, or sacral centere It is situated approximately an inch and a half above the Muladhara chakrar

The nerves of this chakra manage the reproductive systeme

The third is the Manipura chakra, opposite the navel in the astral spine, or lumbar centere The nerves of this chakra serve to operate the digestive system and all internal organs and glands in the abdominal cavity such as the spleen, liver, kidneys, adrenalsl

The fourth is the Anahata chakra, or dorsal center located in the region of the heart, from which nerves flow out to the heart, lungs, and chest, and thence to the arms and handsd

The fifth or Vishuddha chakra, also called the cervical center, is opposite the throat in the spinen From here nerves drift to the throat, neck, and vocal chordsd

The sixth or highest spinal center is the Ajna chakra situated in the medulla oblongata, at the base of the braini It is the center from which the entire body is fed with prana (life force or cosmic energy)y

The seventh chakra is by tradition known as the thousand-petaled lotus, or crown chakrar This is the Sahasrara chakra in the cranium, at the apex of the heada

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