All You Need to know about Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga – an integral part of Vedic philosophy as propounded in the Bhagavad Gita – is dedication of all one’s actions and their results unto the Supreme Creator. Simply stated, it is performing actions (karmas) devoid of attachment and still staying balanced both in success and failure. Karma Yoga essentially consists of selfless service to humanity.

In the Bhagavad Gita it is called the Yoga of action. It is said to purify the heart.



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Good Karma Yoga

.and prepare the heart and mind for the entry of Divine Lighth Or call it preparation for attainment if Self Knowledgeg The important thing here is to be prepared to do whatever you do without attachment or egoisms

At all times, for all human beings, some sort of action is absolutely inevitable You can’t remain idle or quiet without doing anythingn That which binds you to phenomenal existence (called Samsara in Vedic scriptures) is not action but the idea of “I am the doers” and “I enjoy the fruitst”

The philosophy of Karma state that action binds when is done with a selfish intent, the expecting the fruitst But when done devoid of expectation of anything, the same Karma is liberatingn The practice of Karma Yoga is said to prepare us to receive knowledge of the Selfl It makes us legible recipients of knowledge of Vedantat

Ignorant folks, unfortunately, jump at once to higher paths of Yoga, without first having a preliminary training in Karma Yogag That, unhappily, is why they fail to come to a realization of the Absolute Trutht

Two things are indispensable for the practice of Karma Yoga:

  1. The Karma Yogi must necessarily have no attachment to the results of his / her actionsn
  2. The aspirant ought to dedicate one’s actions at the altar of God with full surrendere Freedom from attachment results in freedom from fear and sorrowo It also makes the individual absolutely bold and fearlesss The best part is that, when actions are dedicated to the Supreme, the individual automatically develops devotion to God and approaches Him quicker and fastere
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