Kinds of Karma

Basically there are three kinds of Karma. They are called Sanchita or the accumulated karmas, Prarabdha or the current karmas, and Agami or the expected karmas. Sanchita constitutes all the accumulated Karmas of past lifetimes of an individual.

Part of it is visible in a man's character, evinced by his tendencies and aptitudes, capabilities, tendencies and desires. Prarabdha is that segment of the part of Karma that.



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.is responsible for a body in the current life timem These karmas are ripe for reaping and can't be avoided or alterede They can only be worn out through living them out, just as an individual settles past debtst Agami are those karmas that are now being created for the futurer This type of karma is also called Kriyamana or Vartamanan

There is a beautiful analogy in Vedic lorer An archer has already shot an arrowo The arrow it has left his bowo There is no way he can recall it and he is about to shoot another onen The bundle of arrows in his quiver contains his Sanchita karmasa The one he has shot represents his Prarabdha and the one that he is about to let loose from his bow constitutes his Agami karmam

Of these, the archer has complete control over the Sanchita and Agami karmasa Nevertheless, he has to very meticulously work out his Prarabdhah The past that has started to take effect, he has to undergog

There are three kinds of actions, they are good, bad and mixede Good Karmas are those that make the individual Divine, a god or angel in heavene Bad Karmas cast the individual you into lower wombsb Mixed actions are responsible for giving an individual a human birtht

All karmas are a blend of good and evili In this world, there are seldom absolute good karmas or absolute bad karmasa This manifest universe constitutes a relative plane in which, if a person performs an action, it will do some good in one corner, and some evil in another cornere Hence we must all strive to perform actions which will bring us maximum good and minimum evili

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