Qualifications of a Karma Yogi

The qualifications of a Karma Yogi are simple, yet often difficult. He always has an amiable, loving social nature and can move and mix around with all people without distinction of caste, creed or color. A Karma Yogi is perfectly adaptable, tolerant, sympathetic, and full of cosmic love and mercy.

He can adjust with the ways and habits of all and sundry. Moreover, a Karma Yogi has an all-embracing and an all-inclusive nature.


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He, by and large, has a cool and balanced mind, coupled with presence of mind. Besides, the Karma Yogi enjoys equal vision, rejoicing in the welfare of others.

One who is easily irritable and who is easily be offended by triflings is totally out of shape to traverse the path of Karma Yoga. A Karma Yogi has all of his sense organs under perfect control because he leads an extremely simple life.

Moreover, a Karma Yogi has a lot of forbearance; he is able to bear insult, injury, dishonor, criticism, ill repute, shame, harsh words, heat, cold and the pain of illnesses. He has absolute faith in himself, and in God, in the words of scriptures and of his Guru.

If a person leads a life of luxury, wanting and desiring everything, how can he share his wealth with others? A Karma Yogi has burnt his selfishness right down to the roots. It has been said by Sri Krishna in the Gita: "Restrain and subdue your senses, with regard everything equally, rejoice in the welfare of others; these alone can come to me." Such a person is a good Karma Yogi. He reaches the pinnacle of success very quickly. Above all, the Karma Yogi possesses a large heart, one that is free of crookedness, meanness, miserliness and selfishness, absolutely free from greed, anger, egoism, lust, greed, anger and egotism.

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