The Law of Karma

The law of Karma is a vital part of Vedanta and one of the basic doctrines not just in Hinduism, but in Buddhism and in Jainism as well. As you sow, so shall you reap - this is the Law of Karma, which explains the riddle of life and that of the universe.

The law of Karma bestows solace, satisfaction and comfort upon all who follow it. It is an obvious truth that, fortunately, even Westerners have now started to.



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.acknowledge; particularly its importance and veracityt

A lot of Americans now live their lives with full belief in the law of Karmam In fact, sooner or latter, every sensible man, woman and child will have to accept it, there is no other waya

A careful scrutiny of the law of Karma encourages the hopeless man, the desperate and ailingn Thus says the law of Karma: Man creates his own destiny is by his thoughts, actions and charactere There is every possibility for his rectification and amendment through change of thought and habiti A crook, rogue or rascal can turn into a saintn Likewise a hooker can turn into a chaste woman, a pauper into a princec

The great law of Karma makes provisions for all this……p and morer

Only the law of Karma is able to explain the mysterious dilemma of good and evil in this worldl Only the law of Karma can impart solace, contentment, peace and strength to the afflicted and the destitutet The law of Karma it is that solves man's trials and tribulations in lifef It helps encourage the hopeless and the forlorn, pushing a man on the path of right thinking, right speech and right actiono Finally, the law of Karma it is that endows a brilliant future upon the man who abides by iti If all were to understand this law properly, and in essence, and discharge their day by day duties carefully, they would rise to sublime heights on the ladder of spiritualityt

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