Benefits of Karma Yoga

Through s service one mages to purify one’s heart. Egoism, hatred, jealousy, feelings of superiority and all the kindred negative traits will disappear. The Karma Yogi develops feelings of humility, pure love, sympathy, tolerance and mercy.

Above all that sense of separateness from the Almighty gets obliterated. Selfishness is removed. The practitioner develops a tolerant and broadminded outlook to life.


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Good Karma Yoga

He / she start to feel a Oneness and Unity with all of creation. Ultimately, the individual gains knowledge of the Self and comes to comprehend the concept of “One in all and All in one.”

By and large people are impatient. They expect Siddhis (spiritual powers) for doing a little service. It is the real Karma Yogi that serves people without any sense of expectation; he does it with a feeling of humility and Atma Bhava (seeing God in every face). In the bargain he becomes the Real ruler of the world. He becomes a mark of respect in society and is revered by all and sundry. The more selfless service done with Atma Bhava the greater the power, energy and capacity derived. But this has to be practised and felt.

To really grow on the spiritual path the practitioner has to do all types of things every day for the whole of one’s life.

Then, and only then will he be really safe. Never stop the selfless service not especially once you have attained fame as a Yogi. The spirit of selfless service has to pervade every nerve, cell, tissue and bone of one’s being. It has to become embedded within the individual. Then, and only then will he become a real, full-blown, practical Karma Yogi. There is no greater Karma Yogi than Gautama the Buddha.

In the practice of Nishkama Karma Yoga (the Yoga of Selfless Service), there is no effort, it is all spontaneous and effortless. No one suffers any harm or transgression either. Even a little practice of selfless service (Karma Yoga) will protect the individual from great harm.

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