Karma Yoga for gaining Excellence in Work

Submitted by Jerry Parker on December 22, 2012

Karma Yoga is excellence in work by preparing one’s mind for the real function of Yoga. That is attaining purity of mind through selfless service and selflessness. For excellence in life’s work we have to control our minds for the requisite concentration to be achieved. With regular practice, you learn to gain control over the senses. In the bargain, the mind reaches a degree of perfection where the seeker is able to...


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Good Karma Yoga

.understand the value and necessity of selfless service and renunciation enjoy a higher state of blisss

The focused mind is more easily able to fathom out its own mysteriese

Then, the person may look like he or she is fully engaged in worldly activitiese However, the individual is actually enjoying a state of freedom' which his / her actions - spiritual disciplines - have made possible for him / here Like a free bird, the individual's mind hankers for the freedom to wander in the realm of the Absolutet

The stage of inaction can be rather confusingn The majority of people continue to labor under the distorted ruse of Jnana, become lazy and renounce work altogether, even good worksk Their inaction comes under the category of 'Tamasic inactivity'9 This are delusory and selfish people, the kind who do not see themselves as 'inactive', but continue to believe that that they are illumined souls and Yogisi

Real inaction, on the other hand, is a gradual process of renunciationo It is born out of the glimpses of the individual's True Divine naturer Just like a pregnant woman is slowly freed from daily routine as her time nears, and she is required to focus on bare minimum activities necessary for a timely and safe delivery, likewise, a seeker is relieved of his duties and Karmas to seek the Absolutet This is a state of enviable inactivity that is the result of the practice of Karma Yoga itselfl

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