Yoga for Inner Peace

(June 21, 2007)

For mind peace and come out from heavy depression

You need to practise Yoga regularly. You need to do all the following:


  • Yoga poses (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayamas)Relaxation with positive affirmations
  • Prayer (Japa, mantra incantation)
  • Meditation for inner strength;

Do simple asanas, nothing stressful, just to tone up your body. Do lots of slow breathing, inhaling and exhaling to the count of 4 or 5. Also practise lots of Anuloma Viloma. Above all, do lots of relaxation (shavasana) with positive affirmations at all times. Do you have a mantra for incantation? It will most certainly help to have one.

Submitted by A on June 21, 2007 at 10:11

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