Power yoga

(August 17, 2008)

Can power yoga be done on all days in a week?

Power yoga is a sweat generating, muscle building work out which is not at all for faint hearted individuals. It involves the traditional yogic exercise Surya namaskar with the flexibility training and strength training. Surya namaskar involves 12 exercises with specific breathing patterns and is done in a sequence gracefully.

Power yoga helps in improving the lean muscle mass, enhances the burning of the calories, increases the Basal Metabolic Rate and reduces the fat content in the body. This helps in improving the strength of the muscles. It can also help to tone up the stomach and back muscles and improve the core strength. Core Power Yoga helps here. It helps in maintaining a proper heart beat. It is beneficial for reducing stress and helps in relaxation of the body. It can also improve the concentration of the mind. Power yoga can also increase the heat of the body. It can make us aware of the functioning of the body. Power yoga helps us to synchronise our breathing with our movements and can form a link between the body, mind and soul.

This workout is done for 45 minutes and is recommended for three times a week. This workout can be alternated with cardio and weight workouts. Power yoga done even once in a week is also beneficial. It consists of stretches, squats and presses which can enhance the strength and make your muscle supple.

Anyone can perform power yoga after consultation from the doctor. There are different levels like beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

The best time to do this exercise is in the morning when our mind is fresh and tension free. Select a clean, noise free and dust free place. Clear your bowels, clear your nostrils, your throat off the mucus. Practice yoga in a systemic way. Start with light exercise and then start doing yoga with certain intervals in between. You can take breaks in between if you feel exhausted.

Power yoga is considered to be a vigorous workout done in a heated room to build strength and flexibility. Power yoga is based on the coordination of the sequence of the poses. These poses tend to flow from one into another form thus moving like a rhythmic dance style. Power yoga is based on principle of Ashtanga style of yoga which gives us a direction towards self realization. Ashtanga yoga is an eight limbed path which is integrated together to clear and remove the toxins affecting the body as well as to enhance the stamina of the individual.

Thus power yoga helps in strengthening our body and mind.

Submitted by R J on August 17, 2008 at 11:09

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