How To Run Faster

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 21, 2012

Once you've begun a running program and have been practicing it for a while you could start to focus on how to run faster. The main thing to remember is to start slowly and gradually increase your pace. You should also avoid getting your feet in front of your body. Before you start any race you should perform some warm-up and stretching exercises to loosen up the body.


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If your muscles are tight you will tire easily.

By following some tips on how to run faster you can steadily cut down the time you take to finish each routine. You could start by trying to increase the turnover rate.

The turnover refers to how many times your right foot steps on the ground in a minute. You will cover more distance in a time period when your turnover is faster. Another important tip on how to run faster is to let your arms swing forward instead of across your body. When the arms are swung across the body your whole body will be pulled from side to side. The purpose of running will be defeated when you do this.

If you're interested in how to run a faster mile, the best way is to include speed workouts as part of your running program. Speed workouts are very effective in gradually increasing your speed over a period of time. You could first start out with performing them once a week. Eventually you can make it two times a week. You should give a gap of at least two days between each session of speed workouts.

Fast twitch muscle fibers contract much faster than slow twitch muscle fibers and hence produce more strength and power. The activation of fast twitch muscle fibers happens with short bursts of strength and speed like body building or sprinting. These muscles however tend to get fatigued quickly. For sprinters, having more of fast twitch muscle fibers will be beneficial as they need to generate a lot of power quickly.

By following certain steps you could learn how to run longer which can be a challenge to people just starting out. When you begin running long distances you must remember to pace yourself properly. Try to listen to the pattern and intensity of your breathing. If your breathing is heavy reduce your speed a little. Once your breathing becomes steady you can slowly increase your pace. Make sure that you keep yourself rehydrated. Drink some electrolyte beverages to balance the sodium in your blood. For you to build the stamina and endurance that is needed you should also follow a well balanced diet. Avoid fatty foods and sweets and instead go for long lasting carbohydrates. Give at least a two hour gap after you have had your meal. With a healthy diet and useful tips can learn how to run faster and longer.

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