Power Brain Yoga Benefits

Derived from Power Yoga, this is specially designed to enhance Brain Power. While Power Yoga is a vigorous, dynamic and energetic practice, done in a heated room, Power Brain Yoga is a lot slower, softer and smoother.

In fact some people say it is more like Tai Chi that is described as martial arts in slow motion. Power Brain Yoga is an advance form of Power Yoga and is a more specialized discipline reserved for the deserving.


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While all are welcome to do it, it is said that not all have the aptitude for it. The practices and intents are not just physical here. They’re more – as the name itself suggests – about enhancing Brain Yoga.

In Power Brain Yoga the practitioner goes through al the motions of Power Yoga with a difference. During sessions here, the body is not exerted or tired out as much as in normal Power Yoga sessions. Likewise, the emphasis is more on holding a pose for longer periods of time, rather than the emphasis on flow. At the end of a normal Power Yoga session the practitioner feels sweetly drained out and ready to crash. However in Power Brain Yoga, this is only the beginning.

From here he / she segues into breathing exercises and meditation.

The breathing exercises and meditative practices of Power Brain Yoga are pretty much the same as in normal Yoga. Except that, here more emphasis is laid on Kapalabhatti and Bhastrika at the start. The slower breathing exercises (pranayamas) follow thereafter. There are lots of breaks, though, with alterations of pranayamas on a daily basis. Above all, Power Brain Yoga has to be done on a daily basis (at least 5 days a week) for optimum results. Care and caution has to be also exercised in terms of work / domestic stress, food, smoking, drugs (and this includes allopathic medication) and alcohol. Remember the benefits of Power Brain Yoga are great, but so is the price you have to pay.

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