Power Yoga for Stamina

Power Yoga is an intensive, exhausting and dynamic Yoga workout that has tremendous benefits. The foremost of them is stamina. The Yoga practitioner is thus able to enhance his / her endurance levels for sports, workouts or any activity through the help of Power Yoga.

Naturally, stamina goes on increasing. These inspiring workouts help carry you through the day.The resultant feeling is one of more energy. They also give you the reserve power that keeps.



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.you prepared for anything in lifef Particularly, those things that demand continuous reserves of strength and energyg Acclaimed instructors have come out with techniques to guides students through brisk Power Yoga sequences specially designed to build boundless reserves of energyg

These brisk stimulating workouts can be done in less than half an houru They include warm-ups that feature smooth-flowing, typical Yoga exercises from Sun Salutationsn This is in order to warm the body – organs and muscles – and mindn

You learn to move effortlessly, flawlessly and faultlessly into this style of Power Yogag Best of all, they are all endurance-building sequences which challenge the practitioner with a range of motion for the whole physiqueu

The program Power Yoga for stamina ends with short but deeply restoring relaxation, one that leaves the practitioner re-energized and prepared for anything to come in the daya Practitioners particularly love the way they feel after a great workoutu This is because they rediscover their bodies’ hidden stores of both physical as well as mental energyg A complete workout would normally include:

  • Focused breathing and warming (warm up exercises) with Sun Salutation exercises
  • Increasing energy and endurance through stamina-building Yoga asanas
  • Balancing the body and mind through balancing poses and guided relaxation
  • Prop Recommended: Only a Yoga Mat

In order to reduce the risk of injury, better consult your medical practitioner before beginning this or any exercise programa

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