Prana Shakti Yoga

Prana Shakti Yoga helps you connect with your Higher Self. This Higher Self doesn’t care what about the color of your skin are or the shape of your nose. Your Higher Self will never judge you, tell you that you will fail. It will never tell you that you are not good enough.

Your Higher Self is you devoid of all judgment.

Prana Shakti Yoga is more than a Yoga ashram. It is a Yoga Community who’s to help people connect with their.



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.Higher Self through certain practicese These are designed specifically for the individuala Prana Shakti Yoga ashram provides practitioners with classes that makes them feel safe and securer This way you are able to tune withinward, uncover one’s Real trutht Seekers and practitioners come to experiencec Through a set of asanas (yoga poses) in a friendly, non-competitive environment practitioners feel free to develop their practices at their own pacec Prana Shakti Yoga ashram conducts classes from the beginner stage to the highest advanced stagese This way, so at whichever stage of one’s Yogic journey the practitioner may be, there is a class for him or here

Whether in a group class or private session, in Prana Shakti Yoga the stress is laid on the practitioner’s individual practicec The emphasis here is not on attaining the 'perfect pose'9 Practitioners are encouraged just to hold on to the moment and breathe deeplyl The Prana Shakti Yoga ashram also provides Meditation classes, Partner Yoga and Parent/Child Yoga classese Besides, they conduct workshops in Meditation, Ishta Intensives, Chakra Yoga, and Nutrition Lecturese

The Prana Shakti Yoga ashram is aimed at giving practitioners and seekers an experience of absolute freedom; freedom to express themselvese It is believed here that, within that freedom, find they will come to discover their Higher Selfl

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