Middle Back Stretches

Submitted by Matt Papa on January 18, 2013
The back can be divided into the upper back, the middle back and the lower back. These three parts of the back are divided because of the fact that they may each individually face pressure and strain from time to time. The upper back is associated with the arms and weight lifted by the arms. The lower back is associated with walking and with the stretches that take place during daily activities.


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The middle back offers support to the individual and is usually the least prone to pain and damage. However, there are specific middle back stretches that can be used to exercise this part of the back so that it is strong and capable of supporting the body. The middle back is prone to tightness and discomfort associated with long periods of immobility.

One should use middle back stretches as part of a daily exercise and stretching program to make sure that the body is constantly exercised and healthy. Extra middle back stretches can be performed if the individual feels uncomfortable because of stiffness in the middle back. One of the most popular middle back stretches is the side rotation stretch. This is a simple stretch that involves the individual twisting to the right side and then to the left while in a standing position. When one reaches either extreme of the stretch, it is important to breathe deeply and hold the pose so that a deep and intensive stretch is felt.

One can also use a hanging pose when it comes to mid back stretches. A hanging pose involves the use of a pull-up bar or a strong horizontal beam that can take the weight of the individual. The individual should simply hang from such a bar and feel the weight of the lower body pull the middle back. This stretch is important as well because, unlike the rotation stretch, it puts a vertical pressure on the muscles, thus opening them up in that direction. The rotation stretch, on the other hand, opens the muscles in a sideways direction which, though effective, is not the only way the middle back should be stretched.

Using yoga and other exercise methods one can try a series of lower back stretches after middle back stretches. These stretches are achieved using poses like the downward dog pose and the upward dog pose. During the day one should also maintain a healthy upright posture to ensure that the back does not suffer from pain and stiffness.

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