Yoga Asanas For Surfers

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 17, 2012

If you think the calm action of Yoga and the thrill of surfing don't marry well, think again. Experienced surfers will have you know that surfing is all about balance, core strength, flexibility, and focus and sessions of yoga for surfers can help tremendously. Surprisingly, Yoga can help surfers condition their bodies for better balance and flexibility, prime their core strength, and help them focus on riding wave after challenging wave.



Here are a few poses that should be included in any session of yoga for surfers to help perfect their technique:

  • Balance: Staying on the board is half the battle won. Balance is the key to surfing and a fundamental aspect of Yoga as well. Try the Adho Mukhasana or the Balancing Down Dog pose to stretch those shoulders, back, and legs.

    It will help you improve balance and mental focus. The Vrikasana or Tree pose is another standing Yoga pose that improves balance and strengthens the knees and ankles. The pose requires you to stand on one leg while you bend your other leg inwards pressing it into your thigh
  • Flexibility: The twist and turn action on the surfboard is better handled with a flexible body. In the long run this could also spell fewer injuries. A flexible body optimizes muscle action avoiding any undue pull and stretch. Sethu Bandhasa or the Bridge pose increases flexibility and suppleness while strengthening the lower back and abdominal muscles. The pose requires you to lie on your back with bent knees and lift yourself slowly spine up. Push your feet to get a raise and use your palms under your back for support. Kapotasana or Pigeon pose relieves the pressure in your hips by stretching it. It is also a deep backbend exercise focusing on the flexibility of the lower back muscles
  • Core Strength: Almost all Yoga poses focus on core strength, which is absolutely essential for surfers. Vasisthasana or Plank pose is a traditional pose in the Surya Namaskar or Sun postures. It resembles the push up and is an excellent pose for building shoulder muscles. Strengthening your arms and shoulders makes for better paddling power. Vira Bhadrasana or Warrior Pose is a forward lunge that works the thigh and leg muscles and the firm action of this pose builds confidence. In any session of yoga for surfers try and concentrate on poses that focus on the thighs, legs, and abdomen muscles for better endurance and faster pop-ups on the board. Repetition of the Sun Postures will also enhance overall strength, balance and flexibility
  • Focus: Surfers need to mentally focus on the challenge of taking on wave after wave. Meditation can help keep the mind focused on challenges and breathing techniques practiced in Yoga can improve lung capacity for long stretches at the beach

Yoga for surfers can help surfers with a great warm up and workout session before they go out to catch the waves. What's more on days when the surf is flat, use yoga to tone up for better surfing action.

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