Barefoot Running: Getting Healthy The Dirty Way!

Submitted by JoyLife Therapeutics on August 16, 2012

Barefoot running is basically running without any footwear. However in some forms of barefoot running, the individual may cover their feet with some minimal or very thin footwear such as moccasins so as to protect the skin.


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It has been observed that there is a dramatic change in the stride of the individual when they run bare feet as compared to with shoes on. One of the key benefits of bare foot running is that it helps in preventing injuries associated with running with your shoes on.

Barefoot running exercises

Barefoot running exercises can be practiced on both hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete or even soft surfaces such as grass or sand.

Each surface is known to offer its own set of benefits to the runner. Barefoot running is gradually gaining in popularity as it has been found that certain shoes do not provide support in the required areas while running thereby resulting in serious long term injuries.


Some of the key benefits of barefoot running are that it helps in minimizing and even preventing injuries that could while running with shoes on such as those associated with the knee and ankle over a period of time.

Running barefoot allows the individual to have more natural movement and also enables the body to absorb shock as it was originally designed to. This is essential because placing any padding under the feet in the form of footwear would adversely affect the way the body handles the balancing and pressure handling with regards to running.


The human foot was designed in such a manner that while walking or running the body weight was meant to be put on the ball of the foot and not the heel; whereas, on account of footwear, while running, the body weight gets transferred to the heel. This may result in serious problems down the line.


Those who intend taking up barefoot running should be careful and see to it that theya re running on a clean track. Objects like rocks, broken glass, pebbles and so on can result in cuts and lacerations on the skin. If left unattended, these could result in infections, thus hampering your running schedule. It is thus advisable to stick to designated running paths or tracks in case of barefoot running. Additionally as a precautionary measure individuals should also ensure that they have all their vaccinations up to date.

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