Is there any natural remedy for travel sickness?

(October 8, 2013)

Motion sickness is a very common condition experienced by a number of people all over the world and will usually manifest in symptoms that include dizziness, nausea, cold sweats and vomiting. Motion sickness is always felt in some mode of transportation, such as in a bus, train, airplane, car or even boat. As a general rule, it is seen that the more often an individual travels through the same mode of transport, the more comfortable he or she gets with it as time goes on. The motion sickness is brought on primarily as a result of the fact that the brain can sense some kind of motion of the body as a result of the balance in the ears, but the eyes (which are focused within the car) do not detect any kind of motion. It is because of these conflicting signals received by the brain that the motion sickness starts to develop.

There are a number of tips that can prove to be very effective in helping you fight the condition. for instance, simply keeping your eyes focused on the far horizon outside the car will help reduce the effects of the conflicting signals previously mentioned while you can always try to ensure that you get fresh air blowing in your face throughout the journey. Sitting in the front seats will help you establish a far horizon that you can concentrate on throughout the trip. The smoothness of the drive will also go a long way into ensuring that your do not feel the full force of motion sickness. Planning frequent stops along the route will also help keep a lid on the condition as well. Ginger is known to be a very effective method of treating motion sickness. However, it is unlikely to be particularly effective if the nausea is severe.

Submitted by C D on October 8, 2013 at 02:30

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