Recommended Yoga Equipments For Your Assistance

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 23, 2012

Yoga exercise equipments may not be mandatory for practicing Yoga but it is useful to practitioners particularly beginners, the elderly, and those suffering from certain indispositions. Start with easy beginner yoga poses . Most Yoga exercise equipment is designed to provide extra support to help students go deeper into a pose, hold it longer, or perform it better.


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It also makes your Yoga practice more comfortable and relaxing. We have added a list of the most useful and beneficial Yoga equipment, to assist you in your Yoga practices.

The Yoga Lift Yoga Equipment

Sirshasana - The headstand is called king of the asanas because it is one of the most challenging and beneficial of all postures.

Inverted poses bring about better sleep, vitality and relaxation. Those benefits are better realized with the use of The Yoga Lift. Its padding supports shoulders, its sturdy handles help you maintain the balance. Moreover, it keeps your head a comfortable 3" off the floor, and fits 16" and wider shoulder span. You can also use it as a comfortable off-the-floor meditation cushion. Best of all, it folds easily for transport and storage.

Balance Ball - Chair Yoga Equipment

This piece of Yoga exercise equipment is much better than your standard office chair. It banishes those aches in back, legs and arms that come when you work at a desk or table for hours at a time. This piece of Yoga equipment normally comes with an adjustable support bar and easy-glide casters and is generally designed for people 5' to 6' tall.

Heart-bench Yoga Equipment

The Yoga Heart-bench is designed to support the practitioner in two positions. Both stretch the abdominal organs, toning and nourishing them through better blood circulation. Both apply gentle pressure to the kidneys, enhancing circulation. And both positions expand your rib cage, deepening breathing and soothing stress.

Heart-block Yoga Equipment

The Yoga Heart-block is designed to stretch, tone, and nourish the abdominal organs, relieve menstrual cramps and constipation. It also allows your chest to stretch more deeply than the Heart-bench since it lets your chest to move in two directions: lengthwise and from side to side.

Back-bending Bench Yoga Equipment

The Back-bending Yoga Bench is an excellent, expertly designed piece that allows you to do a number of poses and stretches more easily and more comfortably. Use of the bench also helps stretch and tones the abdominal organs and muscles, stimulates kidney circulation, relieve menstrual cramps and back pain and stretches the shoulders and chest.

Shoulder-stand Bench Yoga Equipment

The Shoulder-stand Yoga Bench is specially designed to help you do the Sarvangasana - Shoulder-stand - with just a part of your weight on your neck and shoulders. It lifts your body in such a way that you hang from your thighs as gravity pulls your spine into traction. As it lifts you, the back of your head rotates toward your spine, easing strain on your neck muscles.

Forward Bender Yoga Equipment

The Forward Yoga Bender is designed to deepen forward bends. Its hand grip is braced to promote equal extension of the right and left sides of the spine. Its foot piece slants, so the heels extend slightly beyond the balls of the feet, carrying the stretch of the forward bend into your calf muscles. By extending your torso, it counters the inclination to let your chest cave in as you bend forward.

Calf Stretcher Yoga Equipment

The Calf Yoga Stretcher helps stretch the calf muscles and tendons of the heels. When you stand on it, your heels drop several inches below the balls of your feet. This position stretches all of the muscles on the backs of your legs. Stretching these muscles helps relieve many kinds of lower back pains and lets you to do deeper forward bends.

Yoga Board Yoga Equipment

The Yoga Board replaces three props - block, blanket and bolster - to effectively support ones body in challenging poses. Step-adjustable angles (approx. 30- to 60-degree) assist the practitioner in lengthening the arms, legs and back. Whether it's a Revolved Triangle Pose or a Chakra-opening Backbend the padded, non-slip board helps you do it better.

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