Walking Gear

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 20, 2012

Walking does not necessarily require the presence of certain gear. But if you want to intensify your fitness and increase the miles in your walking it is better to be prepared. The selection of walking gear depends on the area you choose to do your walking and the length of the chosen route.

A hat should be a part of your walking gear to prevent your head...


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.from letting out too much heata It is essential to carry enough of drinking water unless you can find it on your walking routet

Walking clothes should be light and comfortablel Cotton is a good material to use for walking clothese If you are going on a longer walk, a first aid kit should be carried along as part of your walking geara Walking shoes should be long lasting and lighth An energy snack will also help on longer walksk

Walking equipment is usually necessary for long walks and hikese You should get a good size waterproof rucksack to keep all your walking equipmentn A GPS receiver with your route loaded can show you the direction in which you are heading and can also indicate to you the direction to followo Depending on the pictures you want to take you can choose the type of camera you wantn A small umbrella is a useful addition to your walking equipment in case of sudden raini You can carry small, weatherproof binoculars to view mountains and wildlife at close rangeg Sunglasses which prevent UV rays from entering should also be usede

The use of walking weights need not be part of your walking gear and is not usually recommended by kinesiotherapists, sports physicians, and other expertst But if you still want to go along with it you should chose a vest that is weighted or a waist beltl The weight is distributed uniformly from your mass center and so there is less risk of injuryr Many companies attach walking weights to shoes and also specially designed large soled shoese These weighted shoes maybe tempting but it is better to refrain from using them as they could lead to injuryr

It is vital to choose the right running geara Use shoes that are designed specifically for running and stay away from designer shoese Using cotton socks will cause blisters so during summer use socks made of the material coolmaxa Cloths made of materials like coolmax, supplex, and lycra are a good choice for runningn Your running gear must also include gloves and a hata It may seem impractical to pick up clothes that make you look nice, but looking good makes you feel good and that will always encourage you to perform harder and with more enthusiasms

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