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Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 21, 2012

Although jogging and running are two of the best exercises for people, they are not suited to everyone. Several people start either running or jogging, only to give up after a couple of days or weeks. However, your body can burn more calories running, as compared to many other exercises or sports. Also you do not require any special skills or equipment in order to jog or run regularly.


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Therefore, it is all about starting a running or a jogging program in the right way, so that you continue to stay motivated. It is possible to get a lot of useful tips on running or jogging, from a beginning running guide, a marathon guide or a jogging guide. It is also possible to get useful tips from online resources.

Keeping a journal is always a good idea and you could even refer to one from a more experienced person to gain some insight, using it as a beginning running guide. Given below are a few interesting facts, from various guides for beginners:

Beginning running guide

The first thing to do is to zero in on the track or the route that you would like to run on. When running outdoors, choose a road that is made of asphalt or dirt, instead of concrete. If you are new to running, be prepared to spend more time walking, instead of running. You can begin with a brisk walk that lasts for around 10 minutes and then you need to run and walk alternately. Take turns to run for thirty seconds, walk for one minute for the next 15 minutes. Gradually, after a week, increase the amount of time you spend running and decrease the walking time. Make sure your pace is comfortable, without making you breathless. Follow this program at least 3 times a week and at the end of the fourth week, you should be able to run effortlessly, for about 30 minutes or so. Make sure that you stretch before and after your running session.

Running gear guide

The most important gear required for running includes a good pair or running shoes, well fitting socks and appropriate running clothes. Wearing the wrong running shoes can result in severe injuries. Therefore, it is best to get your running shoes professionally fit. It may take a while to get used to new running shoes.

Jogging guide

Like running, it takes time to build the stamina to start jogging for miles every day. You need to alternate between bouts of jogging and running for the first 4 weeks or so and if you are following a proper jogging program, then by the end of the fourth week you should be able to jog for at least half an hour, without any difficulty.

Before you decide to add jogging or running to your workout regime, it is advisable to undergo a physical exam and receive clearance from a doctor.

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