Yoga Asanas For Spine

Yoga is a nonstop experience of the enormous interconnectedness of all life and all things. You will feel at and calm quiet at the end of a Yoga session, as there is a natural readjustment of your body.

This leads to an overall readjustment of your view of life, itself, and of who you are.

The body is as young as you keep it lithe and supple Yoga asanas stress upon the health of the spine, its strength and suppleness.


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The spinal cord lodges the all-important nervous system. This is the telegraphic system of the human body. If you maintain the flexibility and strength of your spine's through Yoga asanas, you help increase circulation. In the bargain, the organs and nerves are ensured their supply of nutrients and oxygen.

However, for optimum results, regularity in Yoga asana practice is an unqualified condition. That is if you want to achieve the absolute potential of the Yoga practice. Remember, if the groundwork of a building is not properly laid, the upper structures will certainly collapse.

Likewise, if a Yoga practitioner has not attained a certain level of mastery over the Yoga poses he or she is not able to proceed effectively to the advanced steps.

Yoga poses for the spine

  • Matsyasana - Fish Pose
  • Bhujangasana - Cobra Pose
  • Shalabhasana - Locust Pose
  • Bow (Dhanurasana) Viparita Karani
  • Sarvangasana - Shoulder Stand
  • Halasana - Plough Pose
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana - Half Spinal Twist

Yoga is a technique that aspires to attain the optimum results with the least energy outflow. All The various Yoga poses have been designed to carry a rich supply of blood to the brain as well as to the different parts of the body. The work achieved by Yoga asanas, viz. stretching, bending and twisting the spinal column in various directions all improve health of the nerves and organs. But never forget, that the spine is the fulcrum of the body and, as such has to be maintained in perfect order, if one is to realize a semblance of perfect health.

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