Wrist Bending - Manibandha Naman

Wrist bending is also known as Manibandha Naman in yoga. This plays a vital role in performing various other yoga asanas where the wrists are used extensively for body balance and support.

The wrists are one of the most used parts of the human body and we rarely realize their importance while performing routine tasks.


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Wrist bending exercises in yoga focus on increasing the mobility of the wrists by bending and stretching the wrist joints.

Wrist Bending Steps :

  1. Start by sitting in a comfortable position with your legs crossed such as in Sukhasana (easy pose) or Padmasana (lotus pose). You can even sit on a chair and do these exercises.
  2. Be attentive to your entire body and make sure you keep your spine erect and neck straight and looking forward.
  3. While keeping your eyes open, stretch out both your arms sideways, and keep them at shoulder level.
  4. Now concentrate on moving the hands upwards and downwards from the wrist joint.
  5. While inhaling deeply, raise the hands upward from the wrist joint with the fingers together and pointed towards the sky. The palm should remain visible while doing this.
  6. Now exhale and turn the hand downwards from the wrist joint so that the fingers now point to the floor.
  7. Repeat this sequence at least 10 times, preferably with one hand at a time.
  8. After completing the exercise, relax and place both hands on the knees.
  9. Now concentrate on the wrist joints while keeping your eyes closed.
  10. Try to concentrate on the stretching sensation of the muscles in the forearm.
  11. Open your eyes and prepare yourself for the next set of yoga exercises.

Wrist Bending - Precautions :

  • Ensure that you do not bend or turn the fingers while doing wrist bending in yoga as this can stretch the joints in the wrist beyond their normal range of motion. This can aggravate other problems like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  • Avoid locking your elbows while doing wrist bending exercises. You should engage your tricep muscles rather than your elbow joints.
  • Avoid jerky movements of the wrist joints as these can cause unwanted strain and even injuries.
  • People suffering from wrist injuries like fractures should avoid doing these exercises.

Beginner’s Tip For Wrist Bending :

  • Remember to sit comfortably while doing the wrist bending exercises.
  • Ensure that you inhale while moving the wrist joint upwards and exhale while moving them downwards.
  • Concentrate on the breathing and count the repetitions mentally.

Benefit to Body Part :

  • The range of motion of the wrist joints improves with the regular practice of these simple exercises.
  • The strength and flexibility of the wrists increases considerably and the joints loosen up well.
  • They help in strengthening and toning the hands.
  • They relieve pain in the shoulders and upper back and are especially beneficial to individuals who work long hours typing.

Therapeutic Applications :

  • You can prevent painful health problems like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis by regular practicing these exercises.
  • These exercises are beneficial to people suffering or recovering from tendonitis as they help in strengthening the wrist joints.
  • They help in improving and increasing the blood circulation in the hands.
  • They also help relieve elbow pain effectively.

Variations for Wrist Bending :

  • Along with working the wrist joints, you can also work your neck muscles simultaneously by turning the neck outwards in the opposite direction of each hand.

Preparatory Poses for Wrist Bending :

Follow Up Poses

  • Wrist Joint Rotation(Manibandha Chakkra)
  • Hand Clenching(Mushtika Bandhana)
  • Elbow Rotation(Kehuni Chakkra)
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