Symptoms, Diet and Treatment for Peptic Ulcers

By Patricia | February 1, 2010

Peptic (Gastric) Ulcers Causes And Symptoms

Peptic ulcers are lesions caused due to the erosion of the thin mucus membrane lining the inner walls of the stomach and the intestines. If the lesions are present in the stomach, they are called gastric ulcers, and if they occur in the intestines, they are referred to as duodenal ulcers. The main reason behind this condition is the increase in the concentration of hydrochloric acid present naturally in the gastric juices secreted by the digestive tract, which erodes the delicate lining of the stomach and the intestines. This happens when one eats too much spicy food or habitually overeats. Drinking inadequate amount of water, regular consumption of coffee and alcohol, and smoking are the primary factors that lead to this condition. Consumption of strong medicines and the presence of toxins in food or water may also cause peptic ulcers. Stress, emotional disturbances and chronic ailments like gout also predispose one to this problem. The main symptoms of peptic ulcers are severe pain and burning sensation in the upper abdomen, either a little while after eating or between meals, flatulence, insomnia, occasional discharge of blood with feces, and general weakness.

Peptic Ulcers Diet, Treatment And Remedies

There are a few basic dietary measures you must follow to treat peptic ulcers. Stay away from oily and spicy foodstuff. Instead, eat lots of fresh fruits and raw and boiled vegetables. Also, drink at least 10 glasses of water every day and homemade, unsweetened fruit juices. This will help heal the eroded mucus membrane of the digestive tract naturally. Quit smoking and restrict your intake of caffeinated beverages and alcoholic drinks. In addition, a few simple home remedies may relieve the symptoms of peptic ulcers. Drinking a glass of chilled milk 10 minutes after a meal is known to prevent the pain and burning sensation in the stomach caused by ulcers. Another popular and effective remedy for peptic ulcers is to eat a couple of raw bananas every day. This helps in neutralizing the effects of hyperacidity in the digestive tract, improve digestion, and naturally soothe the ulcers. For another remedy, boil 250 grams of cabbage in half a liter of water till the mixture is reduced to half of its original volume; strain the clear liquid decoction and drink a small cup of this extract twice every day. You could also crush a handful of fresh drumstick leaves with two tablespoons of yogurt and consume this mixture every day to treat peptic ulcers naturally.

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