Yoga Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Yoga exercises along with diet control shows great results. Practice of yoga on one hand and taking up fatty and starchy food on the other will do you no good. The fats will definitely be burnt through yoga but additional deposits of fats will not show beneficial results.

Yoga diet is complementary to the yoga exercise and when taken along with yoga, the results can be guaranteed. Yoga diet encourages only healthy food.


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For equilibrium of the body legumes, milk, fruit juices, nuts and honey is the recommended.

Very hot or very cold or very strong taste like too salty or too spicy hampers the equilibrium of the body so as part of yoga diet it should be avoided. Intake of stimulants like tea, coffee, salt or chocolates should be reduced or should be totally avoided if possible.

Food substances like meat, vinegar, tobacco or over ripe fruits are not good for mind or the body. Hence they should be avoided as yoga diet recommendations.

On yoga front, various forms of yoga are recommended for weight reduction. Generally, the extra pounds of the body are deposited near the belly and the thigh region. Most of the yoga postures like wheel pose and semi wheel pose work greatly for the reduction of the weight. It also imparts flexibility to the body.

Among the various kinds of yoga, it is Hatha yoga which helps the overall well being of the individual. It improves the physique as well as provides energy to manage daily activities with ease. The dead corpse pose along with the breath exercises will help you feel fresh and help burn the cholesterol to generate energy in the body. The energy can be used for various activities. Breath control is another aspect of yoga which helps to control the mind as well as the body. It helps to manage the stressful situations with ease.

Pavanmuktasana (Free wind pose) as well as Bhujangasana (the cobra pose) helps greatly for weight reduction. It is easy to learn and practice these postures as it has simple easy steps to be followed.

For freewind Pose:

  • Lie down flat on the ground
  • Lift your left leg by bending from the knee
  • Support it with your hands
  • Try to bring your leg near your head
  • Relieve from the position slowly

This posture should be taken up for some time and one should maintain this pose for sometime to obtain sure results.

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