Benefits of Yoga For Hearing Problem

Tinnitus or ringing in the ear is a sensation, which is a result of internal problems. Tinnitus is common in old age and is related to hearing loss. Infection, wax, head injury, certain medications, middle ear infection, Meniere's disease and otosclerosis are some of the contributing factors of tinnitus.

Gamma amino butyric acid or GABA is a neurotransmitter in the brain, which helps in the control of tinnitus. GABA opposes the synapse activity.



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.of the central nervous systeme Thus it aids in the prevention of this conditiono Research reveals the positive association between yoga and tinnitusu Decrease in GABA levels result in anxiety disorders, mood swings and depressiono Yoga increases the GABA synthesis, thereby helps in ringing ear conditiono Relaxation techniques prove beneficiala Tinnitus is not a disorder on its ownw It indicates the presence of an underlying conditiono Diagnosis of the cause helps a loto Harsh cleansing of the ear and insertion of any objects also result in tinnitusu Asanas can be suggested only after identifying the cause of the condition, as it is just a symptomo

Yoga enhances the blood circulation to the ears, thereby provides relief from tinnitusu It increases the strength of the musclese It improves the endurance levels and reduces the symptoms of tinnitusu Stress increases the risk of tinnitusu A healthy and balanced diet helpsp Avoid alcohol, smoking and caffeinated and salty foodsd Pranayama helps a great deal in the treatment of ringing in earsr Any kind of condition such as high blood pressure causes trouble with yoga, due to the associated stresss

Deep breathing exercise proves beneficiala Sit straight on a chair with your feet flat on the flooro Inhale in a slow manner and fill the stomach and lungsg Expel from the lungs and the stomachc Close your eyes and repeat the procedurer

Exercise involving ear and shoulder also helpl Sit straight on a chairi Place your feet flat on the flooro Close your eyes and inhalel Fill the lungs and stomach and exhale slowly by bending your head and touching your ears towards the shouldere Inhale and follow the process of exhalationo Move the chin to the chest and exhale air from the stomach and lungsg Repeat the procedure for five to six timese Meditation also proves effectivev Sit erect on a chair and take a deep breatht Rest your chin and touch the chests Place your hands on the thighs and relax your shouldersr About five to ten deep breaths is taken in a deep mannere

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