Post Pregnancy Yoga Tips

Yoga is a form of exercise that provides stress relief from physiological and mental problems. Certain yoga asana helps in hastening the metabolic process, thereby helps in losing the extra pounds.

Yoga is a technique of relaxation that helps to expend the calories and thereby reduce weight.

There are a number of pregnancy tips which can ensure that you enjoy a safe and healthy pregnancy.


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Yoga and Pregnancy

It is very important to know how your body changes and how your baby grows during the entire pregnancy term. The most important pregnancy tips would be to eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and get a good amount of rest throughout your pregnancy. In the first trimester of pregnancy the body undergoes various changes to accommodate a growing baby. One of the most important pregnancy tips for the first trimester is to start taking prenatal vitamins regularly. These vitamins will give your body a good dose of whatever it needs during the first trimester. In this phase many women face problems like morning sickness, fatigue and mood swings which can be eased with the help of pregnancy yoga.

Meditation and breathing techniques taught in yoga can provide relaxation during pregnancy and specific asanas can help ease nausea and fatigue. Practicing deep breathing exercises twice or thrice everyday can be very beneficial especially in the first trimester. Pregnant women are however not advised to perform Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) during their first trimester. The Surya Namaskar steps involve standing, sitting, lying down and stretching the body in all possible ways which might be harmful to the pregnant woman and her unborn child.

Surya Namaskar however can be performed as a part of post pregnancy yoga provided the woman has had a normal vaginal delivery. For women who have had a c-section delivery, this asana can be performed after a specified gap on the advice of the doctor.

In the first trimester, one of the most important pregnancy tips for men is to be calm and supportive especially when their wives are undergoing so many physical and emotional changes. Pregnancy can be an equally challenging time for first time fathers and they need to understand these changes to avoid unnecessary disputes. Sleep becomes a worrying factor for many pregnant women. One of the best pregnancy tips for sleeping is that you should sleep on your sides as opposed to your back. Sleeping on the left side increases oxygen supply to the baby and is also more comfortable for the pregnant woman. Sleeping on the back is not advised during pregnancy as the growing uterus puts additional weight on the spine and may cause back pain or injuries. If you are pregnant after experiencing a miscarriage, you could experience a lot of stress and anxiety. One of the pregnancy tips after a miscarriage is too stay as calm as possible to avoid the pressure being transmitted to the developing baby. A useful pregnancy tip for dads in this case would be to buy a pregnancy support pillow for their wife. These pillows support the back and belly and can make sleeping comfortable during pregnancy.

Following pregnancy tips week by week can help you and your partner have a smooth pregnancy experience and also benefit your growing baby. There are many pregnancy tips for aches and pains experienced during different phases of pregnancy. Most women stop exercising completely during pregnancy and the result is stiffening and pain in the muscles. It is important to practice some form of exercise during pregnancy to avoid such problems. Muscles require regular stretching and strengthening during pregnancy to keep up with all the changes taking place in the body. Sciatica and lower back pain during pregnancy can be eased with regular pelvic floor exercises. One of the important pregnancy tips for guys at this time would be to get their pregnant partners actively involved in some form of exercise like walking, swimming or even yoga. Most of the pregnancy tips and tricks aim at taking precautions and avoiding problems that could affect the health of the mother and the baby. Pregnancy can make a woman feel lethargic and moody on several occasions and it is up to the partner to help her overcome this lethargy and get her involved in some physical activity.

Post Pregnancy Yoga Tips

Post pregnancy, yoga helps to change the way you look at things. It also improves the way you look at your own body and self. Many pregnant women also do yoga for post pregnancy recovery. All the muscles and ligaments in the body which have become loose during pregnancy can be strengthened and realigned by practicing yoga regularly.The choice of right asanas proves beneficial.

Two techniques of yoga prove suitable for weight loss after pregnancy. They are Ashtanga yoga and Bikram yoga. Ashtanga yoga concentrates on simultaneous loss of weight during the practice of yoga. The postures are done in conjunction with breathing technique, which helps. It keeps your mind clean. It strengthens the body and the mind and is effective in weight loss. It begins with surya namaskar and involves a series of other poses related to sitting, standing, back bends and inversions.

Bikram yoga reduces the stress levels results in immediate weight loss, which is apparent. When practiced in a regular basis, Bikram yoga reduces weight. It involves calmer exercises that help to burn the fat. Power yoga is a vigorous technique, which is based on Ashtanga yoga. Pavanmuktasana is especially recommended for weight loss, post caesarean delivery. It cuts down the fat in the abdomen and decreases the risk of any kind of disorders.

Regulation of gas in the stomach is a typical feature of pavanmuktasana. Bhujangasana or the snake pose also provides relief from accumulated fat. Dhanurasana or the bow pose aids in elimination of abdominal flab. Salutation to the sun or surya namaskar is yet another weight loss yoga technique. Diet is important in weight loss, along with yoga. Yoga helps to control bingeing on foods. It decreases the craving for food. Unhealthy foods are a no-no and choice of right kind of foods help.

Hot yoga is another technique that helps you sweat out the extra pounds that you've gained during pregnancy. A series of poses are done in a hot room, at a temperature of 95 to 100 degrees. High levels of perspiration result in elimination of toxins. The room increases the warmth of the body and thereby keeps the body more flexible. This is not recommended for women who are pregnant. Wear loose fitting and light cotton clothes, as you tend to sweat a lot. Drink adequate water prior to and after the class, as the chances of dehydration are high. Own towels and yoga mat is recommended.

New dads also play an important role in the post pregnancy recovery of their wives. One of the important post pregnancy tips for first time dads includes taking care of the newborn so that their wives would have some time to relax and recover. In addition it is important to keep things running smoothly around the house so that no additional mental stress is experienced by the wife. Other simple things like cleaning the house, paying the bills or even giving occasional massages can go a long way in helping the new mom recover quickly post pregnancy. Therefore, all these pregnancy tips and advice can be very helpful both during and after the pregnancy.

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