Should One Do Weight Training Before Or After Yoga?

Yoga believes in 'Eat to Live' and not 'Live to Eat'. Yoga proves beneficial, in addition to a good and healthy diet. Research reveals that yoga of each style is done on the basis of 906 asanas.

Yoga involves a chain of exercises that performed in a particular manner. It enhances the physiological, physical and psychological functioning of the individual. It helps in deriving the.



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.connection between the body and the inner soulu Certain techniques of daily life are improved by performance of yogag Simple deep breathing exercises provide relief from stress and related problemsm Individuals of any gender and age can practice yogag It is highly flexible and can be modifiede Individuals with limited mobility can also practice yoga on the chairi Yoga empowers the physiological functions of the systeme It helps in the maintenance of balance and results in peace of mindn It controls the impulses, thereby helps in avoiding hasty decisionsn It boosts the immune system and thus decreases the risk of infectiono

It is better to practice yoga in an empty stomachc Adequate amount of water is helpful, while practicing yogag Yoga can be done at any part of the daya It is better to do it, prior to weight training, as weight training exercises cause fatigue and results in perspirationo It is also better to leave some gap before going in for your work outs, as this helps to derive maximum benefits from your yoga sessiono

It is a holistic approach which helps in the overall well being of the individuala Yoga also helps in the elimination of toxins and removal of wastese Meditation helps in the equipoise of the individual, thereby brings out harmony of the mind and thoughtst

Yoga is better done in the morning, due to the freshness, associated with the morning breezez The morning breeze is devoid of any kind of pollution and energizes the bodyd It keeps you relaxed throughout the day and results in success in your day to day activitiese Yoga merits include the requirement for simple and loose fitting clothese It is easy to perform, without the need for any equipmentn A positive approach is important, while doing yogag Practice yoga in an airy and bright roomo Do not use air conditionersr Light an incense stick in the room, to give a fresh fragrance to the roomo Some flowers also helpl Soft music also brightens and breaks the monotony in the airi

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