Yoga Asanas or Poses for Common Diseases

Yoga has many benefits. The various Yoga asanas (postures) help to stimulate different parts of the body and make them more resistant to common diseases.

Some of the Yoga postures that are beneficial for different body parts include the Pavanamukta Asana (Wind Releiving Posture) for flatulence and bloating, the Ardha Matsyendra Asana (Half Spinal Twist) for back and spine problems, the Shava Asana (Corpse Pose) for headaches and mental depression.


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Yoga Lesson Planning

If you ask me to suggest any single posture that can provide all round benefits, I would highly recommend the Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation). This posture involves a series of twelve poses that flow into each other and is extremely beneficial for over all toning and stimulation of all the vital body parts. It is best performed early in the morning in a well ventilated room. Like all Yoga postures, the Sun Salutation should only be performed when taught by a trained Yoga teacher.

Building Immune System through Yoga

Another Yogic practice that is very important in keeping building immunity and keeping common ailments at bay is the Pranayama, literally the breath of life. This is a breathing and meditational technique that has many positive benefits. There are many different Pranayama techniques available and you can choose one that is most beneficial to you.

Coming to the different styles of Yoga, there are again many different styles that you can choose from. Although they are all extremely beneficial, some of them are more fast paced and energetic and others more sedentary with a greater emphasis on meditation.

You should pick a style depending on the kind of activity you prefer. Styles such as Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Yoga, and Iyengar Yoga are physically demanding. Power Yoga is a derivative of Ashtanga Yoga and is another fast-paced workout designed to burn maximum calories.

If you prefer a more sedate approach I would recommend Yoga styles such as Ananda Yoga, Integral Yoga or Kripalu Yoga. There are also styles such as Kundalini Yoga which are slow paced but require a high level of mental concentration. Ultimately the choice you make depending on your preferences and the availability of trained instructors in your vicinity.

If you are young and prefer fast-paced activities such as running, or are seeking to burn more calories, I would recommend the high intensity Yogic styles. If you prefer to partake of your exercise at a more sedentary pace, the latter slower styles are recommended.

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