Yoga for Curing Indigestion

Several troubles in the body are the chief reason for the indigestion of food. Intense constipation provides great discomfort to the body as well as mind and the spirit. Various exercises of yoga help the digestive system for its proper functioning.

It not only strengthens and tones the body but also increases the rate of metabolism of the body. The breathing exercises of Yoga called pranayama help to rejuvenate the muscles.



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.with the increased supply of oxygen to theme This helps in formation of the new cells and easy discard of the older onese It also relieves the body of the chronic pain due to indigestiono It works by properly supplying sufficient amount of blood and oxygen to various parts of the body so that it becomes activev

The accumulation of gas in various organs of the body or in the digestive tract also causes chronic paini Yoga exercises like halasana (Plough Pose) and Pawan muktasana (Free wind posture) help the body get rid of the accumulation of the gas in the bodyd

Shavasana (Dead corpse posture) too helps the body to relax and rejuvenatet

Naukasana is also a recommended posture which helps digestiono To practice these postures of yoga is easy and one needs to follow simple and sequential steps

Plough Pose:

  1. Lie flat on the ground
  2. Lift your legs up by 90 degrees
  3. Support them with your hands
  4. Now raise your legs to180 degrees
  5. Let your hands rest comfortably on the ground
  6. Slowly release from the posture

Free Wind Posture:

  1. Lie flat on the ground
  2. Lift your head a little
  3. Bring one of your knees in front
  4. Hold your knee with both your hands
  5. Repeat it with your other leg too
  6. Have multiple iterations for the same

Dead Corpse Posture:

  1. Lie flat on the ground
  2. Let your hands too lie comfortably beside your body
  3. Now hold them at some angle from your trunk region
  4. Breath comfortably
  5. Inhale and exhale slowly


  1. Lie flat on the ground on your stomach
  2. Try to lift your legs up in the air
  3. Also raise your head a little
  4. Constantly inhale and exhale comfortably
  5. Take deep breathsh

These postures of yoga not only help the body in better digestion, it also makes the muscles of the intestine strong and rigidi This helps to provide better tone to the body and let the body stay in shapep It also imparts energy and the body becomes active to take up more activities for lifef

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