Yoga For Amoebiasis

Amoebiasis is a condition of the digestive system, which is a result of intestinal parasite, Entamoeba histolytica. Mode of transmission is through poor sanitation, contaminated food and water. Diarrhoea is the common symptom of amoebiasis and lasts for as long as two weeks.

Some of the poses that proves beneficial for disorders of the digestive tract are:

  • Padmasana: It is also referred to as lotus pose. It is an.


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.effective pose that relieves all kind of diseasese Sit on the flooro Fold your legs by bending at the kneee Place the left ankle at the crease of the right hipi The sole of the foot shows upu In a similar manner, bring the other footo One side pose is referred to as ardha padmasana, or the half lotus poses This is especially recommended for beginners

  • Vajrasana: Kneel down and place your buttocks on the heelsl Place the feet next to each other and keep the legs parallel to each othere Place your hands on the knees and close your eyese Breathe normally and sit straight with your back erectc Place your hands behind the back and relax
  • Pranayama: It relaxes the stomach contentst It provides the necessary amount of oxygen to the stomach and thereby provides relief from amoebiasis and related diarrhoeae Control of breath helps the stomachc It also prevents acidity and burning sensation
  • Halasana: Halasana is known as plough poses Lie flat and lift the legs to 130 degreee

    Touch the floor with your toes, behind the heada Stretch and interlace your fingers in the frontn Hold for thirty secondsd Release the fingers and legs in a slow manner
  • Makarasana: It is also known as crocodile poses It acts as a massage to the abdomen and thereby relieves diarrhoeae Lie down with the hands on the sided Spread the legs with toes towards the periphery and heels towards the insided Fold the right elbow and bring it to the left armpit and place on the left shouldere Do the same with the other hand and place your head on the folded hands
  • Bhujangasana: Lie down on your abdomene Place your palms and push your torso upu Look at the ceiling and arch your backc Bring your forehead to the floor and relax

Proper care is necessary while practicing any form of yogag Diet is also vital, in addition to yoga and physical exercises A fat and greasy diet is not preferrede A soft and bland diet is helpfulu

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