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(November 10, 2010)

I have big thighs. How to reduce it? What kind of yoga exercise should I do?

When dealing with weight loss, trying to lose fat in the areas of the thighs and belly can be quite difficult. Yoga exercises for thighs are effective in strengthening, toning and getting rid of the fat. Yoga exercises for thighs should be practiced with dedication and diligence, which will eventually produce results. Yoga is very convenient as it does not require special equipment and can be performed anywhere. Practicing the yoga exercises for thighs will also help in developing your entire body and improving your mental health.
Bhekasana (Frog Pose) is one of the effective yoga positions for thighs. The Frog Pose is also excellent for building the strength of the lower body and toning the legs. In addition to the exercise it provides, it is also beneficial in improving the functioning of the heart, respiration, and blood circulation through the body. To perform the Frog Pose you should be in the squatting position while keeping your feet apart. Your heels should be kept either close or touching each other. Keep your knees spread out and your arms kept in between your knees. Let the tips of your fingers touch the floor and keep your elbows straight. Then, lift your head up with your eyes either open or closed and inhale. Slowly raise yourself up by making your legs straight while bringing your head to your knees. Your heels should come to the ground. Try to make your legs as straight as you can and exhale.
Utkatasana (Awkward Chair Pose), Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog), Garudasana (Eagle Pose), and Tadasana (Mountain Pose) are effective yoga exercises for legs. Regular practice of the yoga postures will help strengthen the tissue of the muscles in the legs. Performing Pilates’ exercises for thighs like thigh lifts, legs kicks, and one-leg circle are excellent in reducing fat and toning the muscles of the entire leg.   
Some exercises for building abs like sit-ups and crunches can cause lower back problems as in performing the exercises there is an imbalance of strength at the join of the legs and torso. Practicing yoga exercises for abs like Trikonasana (Triangle pose), Tadasana (Tree Pose) and Purna Titali Asana (Butterfly Pose) will help engage your abs and make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. The stretching yoga poses will help elongate and create a lean and strong midsection. It is important that you perform the yoga exercises on a regular basis for them to be most effective. By combining the exercises with a healthy diet you can enhance the benefits and get the most out of them.

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One of the most widely recognized benefits of Yoga is weight loss. There are several gyms and weight loss centers that have included yoga as an integral part of their weight loss programs. Yoga helps to increase strength and improve flexibility in a person, which is why it is strongly recommended by most health experts for attaining a higher level of fitness. You can use the ancient science of yoga to lose weight on different parts of your body and even to tone up your body completely. There are various yoga exercises for the thighs, hips, buttocks, calves, the waist, arms, legs and so on. Several people use yoga positions for thighs reduction and weight loss. Most weight loss programs even when effective have limitations when it comes to weight loss on the abdomens and thighs and yoga exercises for the thighs can compensate for these deficiencies.

Yoga exercises for the thighs
Yoga weight loss for thighs exercises help to lose weight on the thighs and at the same time help to strengthen the legs, release the tension in the body, tone up the hips, firm the abdomen, cleanse the system, stretch the muscles in the lower body, increase spine elasticity, improve digestion and loosen knees & ankles that are rigid. Some of the best exercises that are a part of Yoga fitness for thighs are:

• Surya Namaskar (The Sun Salutation)
• Badalasana (The Cat Pose)
• Vatanayasana (The Horse Pose)
• Balasana (The Child Pose)
• Chaturnaga Dandasana (The Four Limbs Stick Pose)
• Setu bandhasana (The Half Bridge Pose)
• Bhekasana (The Frog Pose)
• Virabhadrasana – 2 (The Warrior Pose – 2)
• Utkatasana (The Fierce Pose)
• Dhanurasana (The Bow Pose)
• Uttanasana (The Standing Forward Bend)
• Ardha Chandrasana (The Half Moon Pose)
• Parivritta Trikonasana (The Revolving Triangle Pose)
• Ardha Matsyendrasana (The Spinal Twist Pose)
• Janu Sirsasana (The Head to Knee Pose)
• Paschimottanasana (The Seated Forward Bend Pose)
• Sarvangasana (The Shoulder Stand Pose)
• Gaumukhasana (The Cow Face Pose)

Yoga exercises for the thighs safety tips
• In case you are suffering from knee pain, or any other problems that are related to your legs, you need to be careful while performing the exercises.
• Never push yourself and only exercise till you are comfortable. In case you feel intense pain or a burning sensation in your thighs while performing the yoga weight loss for thighs exercises, it is best to stop, or at least take a break.
• While performing the exercises, the required breathing technique should be followed accurately.
• Before practicing the exercises that are a part of the yoga therapy for thighs, it is important to perform the required stretching exercises.

It is strongly recommended that you consult your physician and get an approval, before you begin practicing yoga fitness for thighs.

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Yoga helps to provide better shape to the body. It helps to tone the legs by reducing the extra weight put on near it due to deposits of cholesterol. Yoga assists in reduction of the fat and weight loss and provides proper tone of the body. Little exercise daily helps to provide regular toning to the muscles of the thigh and at the same time helps in reduction of the extra pounds deposited near the thigh region.

Women generally have the tendency of putting weight around the thigh region. Regular exercises help to provide the desired stamina to the body to carry out various activities of day to day life. Asanas of yoga help in reduction of body weight considerably.

The asanas of yoga which help in reduction of the body weight are chakrasana (wheel pose) and ardh chakrasana (half wheel pose). It helps to pull the lower part of the body in order to provide appropriate tone to the muscles of the limbs and thighs. Rather than continuing the exercises and holding it for considerable amount of time, it is desired that these exercises are carried out with large number of repetitions for smaller amounts of time in order to get better results for it.

Any asana of yoga which involves breathing exercise as a part of it helps to burn the extra fat deposits in the body which helps in reduction of the fat around the thigh region. Other asanas which provide the desired results are padmasana (lotus pose) and sukhasana (auspicious pose). These postures of yoga are indeed good for meditation as well.

Learning asanas is easy but to gain mastery over it takes considerable amount of time and effort. Hence if one adapts to one asana for weight loss then that asana should be practiced regularly rather than practicing a variety of asanas for weight reduction.

Paschimottasana (seated forward bend pose) helps in reduction of the weight of the belly and thigh while pavanmuktasana (free breeze pose) helps to provide proper toning to the body. Matshyasana helps to burn the fat deposited in the thigh region which also aids to reduction of weight considerably. This is the best asana for the weight reduction for thigh but it needs considerable effort and mastery to practice it. One cannot learn it in one go like various other asanas of yoga but one can surely adapt to it in some time.

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