Hi,iam 23 yr old male and my height is 5ft 6inches,i want to increase my height by at least 2 inches.is it possible through yoga n exercise?wat kind of food should i take?

(August 31, 2008)

Although it is tough and height cannot be increased much after 18 – 20 years of age, yoga may help you increase your height by one or two inches. All you need to do is stay committed to yoga exercises and all stretching exercises of yoga will help you greatly. Yoga tones the body in an appropriate fashion so that all body organs are in appropriate proportion imparting a normal taller stature.

Various stretch postures of yoga like supine postures as well as prone postures are recommended for increasing height of the individual. Postures like upward facing dog pose, side bow, fish pose, cobra pose, crocodile pose, snake pose and other stretching postures provide relaxation to the body. At the same time they stretch the body appropriately so as to tone the body and help to increase the height of the individual.

Upward facing dog posture can be practiced with the following steps:
• Lie down on your belly
• Lift your trunk upwards
• Let your face stare the sky
• Support your body with your hands
• Stay in this posture for some time
• Inhale and exhale deeply

Side bow posture is also easy to learn and practice. You need to follow the following steps to accomplish it
• Lie flat on one side of your body
• Fold your legs backwards from the knee
• Hold your legs with the help of your hands
• Stay in this state for some time
• Constantly inhale and exhale slowly

This posture will not only provide stretch to both of your limbs but at the same time it will help to provide stretch to your back region. Hence appropriate stretch is provided to trunk region as well as the limbs so that height can be increased in appropriate proportion.

Forward bend also helps to increase the height.
• You need to stand straight.
• Spread your legs wide apart.
• Raise your hands up in the air and let them overlap each other.
• Bend forward with the help of your trunk and try to touch the ground with your hands

Pilate ball exercises also help to increase the height of the individual. It is essential that you take up these exercises regularly so as to avail better results in short span of time. Pilate ball exercise helps to increase the concentration as well as make the muscles of the limbs stronger. It increases the toning ability of the body and provides better shape to the body.

Submitted by R J on August 31, 2008 at 02:25

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