Yoga to increase height

(July 25, 2008)

Hi, I am 19yr old and 4ft 11 inches tall. Can you please suggest any yoga or exercise that assures 2 to 3 inches height gain in 2 to 3 months? Please reply soon thanks.

How To Increase Height

Stretching and free hand exercises in yoga can help greatly in increasing the height of the kids and the individuals alike. There are several exercises in yoga which can help in increasing the height of the kids and the teenagers alike. Specially, the stretching exercises help in increasing the height of the kids but one should not stretch too hard.

Yoga doesn't have side effects on any organ of the body and hence one can be care free while adapting to yoga. Lifting the legs up in the air while lying down on the belly also provides sufficient stretching exercise for increasing the height and this would show considerably good results in short span of time.

A few of the freehand exercises too help in increasing the height of the individuals. Forward bending exercises keeping the legs straight also increases the stature of the person. Keeping the hands up in the air and then bending forward with straight legs provides the optimum stretch to the back as well as legs which also aids in increasing the heights of the person.

Hopping and long jumps and high jumps are also good sports which too form a part of yoga exercises. If that is not possible then adapting to a little of bar hanging little higher than the actual height of the kid helps them to pull themselves. Jumping in the air by tying the toes and keeping the hands pulled high up in the air also applies stretch to the body.

Swinging in the air from a huge rod fixed at the height also provides the required stretch to the body. One should hold the rod with loose grip so as to swing calmly and patiently to and fro without holding the rod tight with the help of the wrist. Several exercises can be used for increasing the height of the individual but stretching exercises are the most important which show great results.

Height generally depends on a few factors which are hereditary but still if the stretching exercises of yoga are undertaken for quite some time then they can show great results on the individual. The genetic disorders though cannot be cured but yoga can definitely help in providing physical fitness to the body and at the same time help in increasing the height along with the spirit of the individual. Gymnasium is another form of yoga which too can be used for height increase.

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