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(June 24, 2008)

my height is 58 inches i want to grow tall. I am a girl of 24 years

Yoga to Increase Height

Most men and women gained a required height by the time they attain puberty. Although there are various claims made by many marketers for increasing height with the help of supplements and other pills available in the market, such dubious claims must be well looked into before consuming them.  

If you take up yoga and practice with discipline, you will notice that you appear taller because of the fact that you will be able to hold yourself much better with the stretches and kind of exercises involved in yoga.  This interesting fact can also help you as you practice the stretches to exercise your spine.  With the help of the poses involved in yoga you will be amazed by the kind of results and physical benefits that you will experience.
Additionally, breathing techniques will not only help to build to respiratory organs but also make you flexible stronger and fitter.  The poses involved can realign your body by giving it in appearance or rather an impression, of being taller. Get involved in the practices of Hatha Yoga, by enrolling in a class and getting trained by a qualified instructor. Hatha Yoga effectively the foundation of most systems of yoga and is the basis of the different type of modems and physical positions in all other forms of yoga. Its gentle approach will help you to advance gradually to reach your desired goal.

As you muscles begin to develop appropriately, your spine is also likely to is stretch or straighten through spinal decompression.  Eventually, as time passes by and a disciplined practice of daily exercises, their disc around your spine along with the cartilage that supports your limbs may start to thicken in resulting in a proportionate and taller appearance.
A daily exercise regime of around 20 minutes every day, with increased concentration on back extensions, can help you to look taller than you actually are.  More importantly, yoga will also help you to become more confident and maintain a proper balance between the body and mind.

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