Fitness Exercises And Diet Plan For All

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 14, 2012

A healthy lifestyle helps lead a healthy and active life. Eating healthy foods helps maintain the required weight without adding the pounds. A regular exercise routine is also required to keep up fitness levels and shed those extra pounds. Various lifestyle traits such as socializing, eating in restaurants, ordering fast foods include various unhealthy food...


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.choices and high calorie temptationsn It is surely wise to indulge in such delicacies once in a while provided it is followed by a healthy diet on other daysy

Eating healthy and exercise are both required to maintain a healthy mind and body devoid of diseasese Stress is also another factor that may play truant with your personal and professional lifef Healthy food choices can reduce risk of accumulating stress, and exercise and fitness activities such as yoga, swimming or cycling can also help keep stress at baya

Healthy diet practices include short juice fasts followed by an all fruit diete This is recommended for those wanting to lose weight the healthy waya Short juice fasts may include all forms of fresh fruits and vegetable juices as many times a daya An all fruit diet may comprise of various fruits but restricted to three meals a daya The all fruit diet should last for not more than four to five daysy This regime can then be substituted for a low calorie high fiber diet including raw vegetables, whole grains, fruits and juicese Certain foods that should be kept off your diet list are chocolates, ice-cream, fatty meats, fried foods, white bread, cakes, cookies, butter, cheese, aerated beverages and alcoholo Tea and coffee intake should also be limitede Some basic eating methods also help reap health benefitst It is important to eat only when hungry and at regular intervalsl Chewing food or enjoying every morsel helps digest the food and minimizes the chances of stomach ailments or weight gaini Eating when tired, angry or worried is best avoidede Experience a feeling of happiness to enjoy the benefits of eating healthy foodsd

Exercise and fitness activities must supplement a healthy diete Exercise helps burn calories, relieves tension and also helps tone musclese Walking, swimming, cycling, rowing, outdoor sports and yoga are some common ways of including a regular fitness regimem Yoga also includes meditation which helps de-stress and keep mind calm and peaceful at all timese Regular exercise helps the body attain poise, grace and good posture and also contributes to a youthful appearancec

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