Can't get yourself to exercise? Overcome these top 8 exercise excuses

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 25, 2013

Everyone knows how important exercising is for a healthy daily routine. However, there are only a few who actually take their exercise regimen seriously. The funny thing is, everyone gives excuses for not exercising properly. Overcoming these recurrent exercise excuses is very important if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Once you are able to beat these excuses, you will realize that exercising is not only healthy, but it can also be a lot of fun.


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Excuse No. 1: I Don’t Have the Time

This is one of the most common excuses, something that almost everyone who does not want to exercise says. The reality is most people who use this excuse actually believe that they do not have the time to exercise.

Consider this, is work sapping all your time or you are thing is to cut down on your television time. If you watch television for about one hour every day, cut it down by half. If you really feel that work is taking up all your time, there are some simple exercises you can perform at work. Perform some simple yoga just not able to manage the time you have on your hands. The best exercises on your desk or replace your chair with an exercise ball. Take the stairs at work and park your car a few blocks away from your office.

Excuse No. 2: I Don’t Have Any Exercise Equipment and Cannot Afford a Gym

Gymnasiums come with a lot of exercise equipment, but that does not necessarily mean that you cannot exercise without them. A lot of exercises can be performed without any gym or exercise equipment. Yoga, for instance, requires no equipment and can be performed at your home. Brisk walking is another exercise that does not require any equipment at all.

Excuse No. 3: I Always Fail at Exercising

A lot of people give up exercising too quickly and then do not take it up again thinking that they would not be able to do it anyway. The best way to start exercising and continue over a period of time is to set small and attainable goals. If you set yourself a goal which is hard to achieve, you will end up getting disheartened and quitting. A fifteen minute brisk walk everyday for a month can easily be increased to a half an hour walk in the second month. However, it is easy to give up when you start with an hour of brisk walking in your first attempt.

Excuse No. 4: I am Too Old to Start Now

You are never too old to start exercising. Unless you are planning to do something that requires a lot of energy and entails jarring movements, you can start exercising any time you want. Swimming, walking and cycling are some simple exercises that do not require elaborate equipment on your part. They are also easy enough. You may also be able to find yoga classes for your age group in your vicinity. Yoga not only helps your body, but is a therapeutic and spiritual discipline that increases overall sense of wellness.

Excuse No. 5: I am Too Tired to Exercise

A little known fact is that exercise increases your energy by improving your stamina. So by exercising, you will not only feel less tired, but will also be more energetic throughout your day for other activities. Exercises also release endorphins which improve your mood and keep you happy.

Excuse No. 6: I Cannot Motivate Myself

It is easy to motivate yourself when you perform an interesting activity. So pick an exercise that interests you. Aerobics, for instance, is a very interesting type of exercise. You could also pick Zumba, which is an exciting mix of dancing with physical activity. These exercises are not only fun, they are also great cardiovascular workouts that strengthen your core.

Excuse No. 7: I Do Not Know Which Exercise Is Best for My Body

This is a rather simple one to address. Simply talk to a fitness studio and get a free consultation on the types of exercises available there and the ones which will suit you the most. This will solve your dilemma and you can have a completely tailor-made exercise regimen for yourself.

Excuse No. 8: I Do Not Get a Break from My Kids

This is a classic excuse, one which renders everyone speechless. If you feel that your children are taking up too much of your time, the simplest thing you can do is to involve them in your exercises and physical activities. If you want to join a yoga class, for instance, you can check the fitness studio and find out if they offer any similar classes for children. You can also take your children out on a run with you.


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