Daily Calorie Burning Amount And Requirements

By Patricia | October 24, 2010
Calorie Estimator

In today’s day and age, most people have realized the importance of being slim and fit and are therefore turning towards a healthier lifestyle. This means losing weight in the right manner, without following a fad diet. The best way to lose weight in a healthy manner is by taking stock of all the foods that form a major part of your diet and then using a daily calorie estimator for foods to identify the exact calorie count for each food item. After that the foods that are high in fat or calories will need to be restricted, for weight loss purposes. You will also need to know the precise weight or quantity of each item of food, to get an accurate idea.

Calories Burned

A calorie estimator is quite similar to a calorie calculator that can gauge the number of calories your body requires each day, to perform normal functions and activities. Of course, factors like your gender, age, height, weight and so on will need to be filled into the calorie estimator to get a fair idea about your daily calorie requirements, i.e., the number of calories you should consume each day, as well as the number of calories burned during the day, or especially when performing a particular activity. A calorie estimator is mainly helpful to calculate daily calorie requirements, the calories burned while performing various activities and calories that are present in various food items. However, this calorie estimator cannot differentiate between the various nutrients that are present in food. In order to get an exact idea of the nutritional value of all foods, you can use a nutrient calculator, which is easily available online.

Daily Calorie Requirements

Scientifically, one pound of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories. Therefore, in order to lose one pound a week, it is necessary to ensure that you either consume 500 calories less than you daily caloric requirements or burn 500 calories through exercises. Of course, you could also do both, i.e., reduce the caloric consumption by around 250 calories and then ensure that another 250 calories are burned when you work out. Most health experts state that it is better to burn the fat, than it is to starve it. Therefore, when you are trying to cut down your caloric intake, you should ensure that you do not consume less than 1000 calories below maintenance. Moreover, the caloric reduction should be gradual so that your metabolism does not slow down.

Apart from using a calorie estimator to help you lose weight, it is best to seek the guidance of a fitness expert.

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