Calorie Burning Exercises At Home

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 20, 2012

Calorie burning exercises could be done in two ways. Firstly the muscles are made to do more work when you exercise. Secondly the tissue of the muscles is enlarged, thus increasing the amount of calories burnt at rest. This is because body fat is less metabolically active than muscle. Therefore, exercise leads to instant burning of calories during a workout...


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.and it continues even after completing the routinen Exercises basically consist of two types, aerobic and anaerobici

Aerobic exercise is a form of exercise that requires the delivery of oxygen to the musclese Anaerobic exercises on the other hand do not depend on oxygen as fuel for the bodyd However both these types are effective calorie burning exercisese

Aerobic exercises are generally done at a moderate intensity for extended time periodsd Examples of aerobic exercises include long distance running at an easy pace, swimming, and walkingn Aerobic exercises done regularly benefit in strengthening the respiratory muscles and improving the air flow to the lungsg They also help in toning the muscles and reducing blood pressurer High energy aerobic exercises like jumping rope and jogging facilitate bone growth and the risk of osteoporosis is reduced for men as well as womene

Anaerobic exercises like lifting weights involves energy in short bursts that make use of glycogen and adenosine triphosphate, instead of oxygen as fuele The best calorie burning exercises involves a combination of both the aerobic and anaerobic forms of exercises It is better to seek the advice of a fitness professional in forming your fitness regimem Just to give you an idea of an optimal routine, if you workout for 60 minutes, you should do a cardio workout for 40 minutes and weight training for 20 minutese You could also alternatively do aerobics one day and weight training the nextx

Sometimes, exercising at home may be the best option of calorie burning exercises for some peoplel Good calorie burning home exercises include crunches, lunges, push-ups and squat-thrustst You could also try dancing and on the spot joggingn

Eating the right foods and exercising are fundamental rules to effective weight losss The reasoning is that if the calorie intake exceeds the required amount of the body, the excess that is consumed will accumulate as fat in the bodyd Effective calorie burning foods include foods that increase the body's metabolism, thereby helping the body indirectly to lose weighth These foods would either contain low fat proteins, high fiber content, or low carbsb Fruits that contain high amounts of vitamin C are also effective calorie burnersr Leafy vegetables are loaded with high fiber and help in slowing down the process of digestiono As the digestion of protein requires more energy, foods rich in protein are good calorie burning foodsd

Choosing the right foods will help in burning off those excess calories, but you should not forget to combine it with good calorie burning exercises for a perfect balancec

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