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By Patricia | October 24, 2010
Play Tennis Burn Calories

The various benefits as well as the importance of exercising regularly are well known in today’s world. Yet, there are thousands of people who do not set some time apart to exercise, mainly because they are not inclined to do so. The idea of spending an hour or so at the gym, walking on a treadmill or even running on a track for around that much time holds no appeal for many people. If you are one of those people who do not work out because you do not find it challenging or motivating enough, there is nothing really to be worried about, as there is still hope.

Since the main objective of recommending that you exercise everyday is to move your limbs repetitively, so that your body burns energy and fat, you can take up any form of physical activity that you enjoy, which is strenuous and vigorous. Hence, there are several types of sports that you can take up, which are very interesting, challenging and fast paced enough to ensure that you burn a high number of calories. In fact, for certain sporting activities, the calories burned playing sports is even higher than the calories burned walking on a treadmill. For example, the calories burned playing tennis is considerably high, since there is a lot of physical movement that is required for this sport. A person who weighs 160 pounds (73 kilos) can burn around 986 calories by running continuously for an hour. This shows that when you run calories burned are much higher than walking, dancing, or other aerobic exercises. Therefore, sports activities in which running is required, like tennis, basketball, soccer and so on, can help you burn a lot of calories and melt away the fat.

Calories Burned Playing Sports

Given below are some of the sports activities and the calories burned playing sports for one hour, for a person who weighs 160 pounds:

Calories Burned Playing:

  • Tennis (Doubles): Around 365 calories
  • Tennis (Singles): Around 585 calories
  • Basketball: Around 430 calories
  • Badminton: Around 420 calories
  • Table Tennis: Around 288 calories
  • Racquetball: Around 470 calories
  • Baseball: Around 374 calories
  • Ice skating: Around 440 calories
  • Rugby: Around 730 calories
  • Soccer: Around 500 calories

The calories mentioned for each sporting activity is only an estimated figure and may vary, based on the level of intensity, at which the sport is played.

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